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Mommy knows you have been being a naughty little pervert.  How many times have you jerked off thinking about my sweet, tight pussy?  You get a hard on every time I walk out of the shower.  You hurry to bed every time I have a date over.  I know you’re not sleeping.  Mommy knows exactly what her boy is thinking.  I have a real treat for you tonight.  I think this will a night you will never forget.

Tonight is like any other Friday.  My boyfriend and I go out for a date and I call you on my way home.  You hear in my voice that mommy has had a few drinks.  You tell me you are heading to bed and not to worry about tucking you in.  As we come through the door, things are already hot and heavy.  We’re making out and our clothes are dropping off with every step.  We hardly make it to my room!

I know you are wide awake, laying in your bed, waiting for the moaning.

 You love to jerk your cock listening to mommy’s pussy getting pounded.  You wish you could be the man to satisfy my needs so well.  It actually turns me on knowing you are listening, but I want more.  As my boyfriend cums inside of me, I can’t get my dirty boy off my mind.  In my intoxicated state, I give in to both our devious desires.

I stumbling into your room with fresh cum leaking down my thighs.  Your eyes are bulging almost as much as your throbbing dick.  I smile as I climb on top of you.  I guide your cock into my sloppy wet hole and ride you hard.  You feel his cum on your cock and it makes you even harder.  You feel your balls aching and you can’t wait to fill me with your cum as well.

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