Mommy loves BBC and a man in uniform.

Mommy loves BBC and a man in uniform so why she married Dad I will never understand. Dad is a hard working blue collar type of guy. One night back when I was about 16 I heard noises coming from downstairs. Dad was out of town for work. Knowing that mom and I should have been the only ones in the house I decided to check it out. Tiptoeing out of my room to moms room to check on her. She was gone. Making my way down the stairs I expected to see her in the kithing getting a drink. Boy was I wrong.

I saw mommy kissing Santa underneath the mistletoe.

Did dad come home early? Mom worked her way down Santa standing there in his uniform. She undid Santas pants. I didn’t want to see this so I turned around and as I did I noticed something. That wasn’t dad. As she undid Santas pants and let them hit the ground. She exposed his BBC. I knew mommy liked black men because she always commented on how sexy they were. Grabbing his huge BBC she began to suck it. Mommy loves BBC and a man in uniform, right now she is living her best dream all in one.

I was happy for her.

She was cheating on dad but this was her dream. She took that cock all the way down her throat as she gagged a little but Santa didn’t seem to mind. He grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her had back and forth, back and forth, just making that rock hard cock keep disappearing down her throat. I saw a stream of saliva from her bottom lip to the hear of his cock as she removed her mouth.

Bending over now she begged him to fuck her pussy with that BBC.

Letting out a tiny scream and moan when he inserted it inside of her made me think that dad could not compare. He grabbed her hips and pulled her closer as he kept thrusting himself. Her thrusts were meeting with his thrusts. as his cock was sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Slapping her ass so hard that she screamed, I saw the handprint welt up on her ass. Wow, she was actually having fun. Mommy loves BBC and getting fucked so hard and this right here proves it.

He was fucking her so hard that his balls were slapping against her clit.

I could not stop watching as Santa fucked my mom so hard with his BBC until her cum was dripping down her leg. At this point, he pulled his hard cock out and rolled her on her back. As she laid there he straddled her and jacked off over her. She just laid there waiting to receive his creamy cum. As she shot his load all over her tits she began to rub them and play in his cum.

Mommy was not afraid to be his little cum whore.

She actually liked it. Maybe one .day she will be able to tell me this story. Then maybe I can share some of mine with her. We can have mother-daughter naughty girl confessions. If you think you are ready to hear any of my naughty confessions call me for the best phone sex. You won’t be disappointed.

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