Mommy Sees You Jerking It

I have been pestering my husband to repair the bathroom door. There’s a hole the size of a nickel that allows you to see inside. I stopped bothering him about it when I accidentally saw my teenage stepson jerking his cock through the peephole. Oh my, it’s so big. Should I tell him that Mommy Sees You Jerking It.

He was looking at a magazine filled with nude pictures of sexy women. The centerfold was a tall bucksome, curvy gal that reminded me of myself. Hmmm? Of all the women in that magazine, he jerks off to the one that looks the most like me?  I found that to be really hot and I got so turned on by it. I slid my hand down my panties and started to finger my clit as I peered at him. His cock was so huge. He dipped his hand into the Vaseline jar and smeared it on his huge cock and slathered his long dong until it was greasy and shiny.

He stroked it slow and easy up and down as I bounced and humped on my finger getting so aroused. I kept staring at him stroking his cock through the peephole. As he moaned, I moaned. He must have heard me because he looked right at the hole in the wall. Oops! He must know that I’m watching him now because he is staring right into my eye. I can’t turn away and he can’t stop stroking. I think he is even more turned on knowing that I’m watching him. “Mommy…is that you?”, he whispers. I whisper back to him through the door, “Yes baby, it’s me”.

Then he leans over and reaches for the doorknob and unlocks the door letting me know that he wants me to come in.

I gently open the door and quietly squeeze my body in. There he was holding his big cock in front of me and stroking it even faster. I opened my blouse and took off my bra and knelt down. I gave him a place to shove that huge cock.

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