Mommy, My Friend Thinks You’re Hot

“Mommy, my friend Joey thinks you’re really hot. He said you were the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.” His mom and smiled and said, “Is Joey the really tall one on your basketball team?” Billy smiled and said yes.  “I told Joey about how much fun we have together, mom, and he wants to come over and have fun with us too.” His mother looked curious and excited. “So, you told him what you and do when daddy is away? You told him what you and do in mommy’s bed?” Billy nodded, “yes”.

His mother said, “Well, since daddy will be gone all weekend why do you call Joey and tell him to come over tonight.” Mommy made a special dinner for Joey and Billy and when dinner was over she invited them both to her bedroom. She made them and watch her do a striptease and threw her sweaty panties at Joey face. He breathed in her scent and the bulge in his pants grew. Billy got up and started sucking his mom’s titties and then she beckoned Joey to join in. She laid on the bed and her son crawled on top of her as though it was a familiar scene. He pushed his hard cock in her pussy and began to fuck her as Joey watched and stroked his cock.

She leaned over to Joey and whispered, “Let me stroke it for you.”

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