Mommy Dearest is a boy’s wettest dream.

I love being a Mommy Dearest.  My clients love that I’m their Mommy.  I think that is because I am such a perfect Mommy.  I’m loving, patient, nurturing, sweet and most of all, very horny for young boys.  I will stroke your hair lovingly and then stroke your cock hungrily.  I will place my tit in your mouth and hold your head as you suck it, my nipple hardening with lusty delight.  I will kiss you gently and slip my tongue inside your mouth while I whisper how much I love you.  And if you’re a good boy, I will let you put your dick inside Mommy’s wet, willing pussy.  

One of my dearest sons likes to sneak into my bedroom while I’m in bed with his Auntie Sheri.  He likes to crawl towards my bed in the darkness and sit close by, listening as Mommy and Auntie Sheri kiss and grind our pussies together, our tits pressing up against each other.  He likes to sit quietly nearby and touch himself, stroking his cock faster as Mommy and Auntie Sheri moan louder and he can hear the sounds of our wet pussies as we finger each other.   His breathing gets quicker as he hears us starting to orgasm together and he thinks he is such a clever boy for sitting there quietly without getting caught.  He loves feeling so naughty and sneaky.  

The truth is, we left the door unlocked for him.  Naughty boys get Mommy’s pussy every time.

Admit that when you think about Mommy Dearest and her sweet pussy, you reach for your cock and stroke it hard.  Just to imagine the warmth and the softness of perfect Mommy’s pussy sends you right over the edge.  Live out those fantasies with your perfect Mommy Dearest.

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