I love this time of the year! Everyone is so nice, the air is crisp, and here in Miami the temperature reaches the fifties almost every night and the seventies during the day. True, we don’t have any snow, but there are other ways to have a merry Christmas. Always at this time of year I think of my family, especially my Mommy and I miss them all every year we don’t get together. I was just talking to my little brother the other day about some girl problems, and he asked me if I remembered our first family Christmas. I laughed and said I could never forget!

Our parents met over the summer, and after catching us playing on a long weekend (Click Here For Parts I and II), decided they should get married. Mommy and I moved into Daddy’s big house, and settled in. My brother and I had half of the house, our parents the other. Daddy arranged for Mum to work for another studio so no one would accuse him of favoritism, and he put me in the same private school as his son. I wasn’t crazy about that idea, but, Daddy gave me my own cute little VW Bug convertible (I always loved going topless!), and most of the other kids loved my accent, so I didn’t have trouble finding friends.

Well the holidays were coming, and Mom asked what I wanted. I honestly felt I had more than I could want, so I told her to pick something. She gave me a wicked smile and agreed. I didn’t think of it again till Xmas morning.

I opened my door to a gorgeously wrapped box with a big red bow. There was a note on top, and I picked it up to read. It was an invitation to the living room, with a request to put on the outfit in the box first. I took the box in my room and ripped it open. It was a beautiful Jade Green silk negligee with matching Green Mesh stockings. The Negligee didn’t cover my ass cheeks, but there was also a matching thong. I felt so sexy my pussy was already wet and my nipples hard as diamonds- which as I looked, were at the bottom of the box- a pair 2ct diamond studs!!!

I got dressed up, and put on a little perfume. My tits were bulging out, and I loved the feel of my nipples against the soft fabric. It was close to 5AM, and I went downstairs. I saw a box in front of my brothers room, and as I passed, I knocked to wake him up. He answered the door half asleep, but woke up fast when he saw me. He only slept in boxers, and didn’t realize his cock was sticking out the hole in front. So I leaned in, kissed him on the cheek and squeezed his shaft, saying “Merry Christmas.” The poor boy almost came as it had been a while since we played, and I told him to hurry downstairs.

When I got downstairs, I was shocked. There was a huge table filled with every kind of sweet you could imagine, and I smelled fresh pastries, coffee, and tea. The most shocking thing, was that I saw it was Daddy in the kitchen, not the maids! Mom was just coming down from her half of the house too. She had a big smile on her face as she looked over my young body, and I looked at hers. She was stunning, but dressed in a Flame Red corset, her big boobs spilling out, and a red mesh dress, with nothing under it but a faint patch of pubic hair.

We met at the bottom of the stairs, and hugged and kissed. I could feel her nipples press mine, and we were happy. We then went in to see daddy. He was in the kitchen, taking a pan of croissants out of the oven. I remember thinking he looked a bit like Sean Connery, only wearing just silk pajama pants. We could see his erection grow as he looked us over. He asked if we liked our outfits, and we turned to model them for him. We then rushed to either side of him and planted a big kiss on his cheek. He reached down and grabbed our asses with a playful swat. Mom then turned his head and kissed him deep on the lips and said thank you. I turned his head to me and did the same. It was the most we had ever touched, and my lips felt on fire.

We parted and he called for my brother to come down. He then told Mummy and I to sit, and we found spots with our names written in icing on gold plates. It was so fancy. Then my brother came down. He was barely a teen, but had a slim body, and was wearing matching pants to his Dad. He also had a similar reaction seeing Mom and I- he got hard as a rock. When Mom kissed him good morning, and brushed his erection ‘accidently’, a small wet spot showed on the front with his pre-cum. He rushed to his seat to sit quickly.

Dad poured each of us some hot cocoa and handed us tall glasses of bubbling orange juice. He told us they were Mimosas, Orange Juice and Champagne, and we should use them to toast our Holiday. We raised our glasses and clinked them together. It tasted so good I almost finished mine by chugging it. Daddy refilled mine and said to be careful, that champagne tended to sneak up on you. I giggled at the thought, and we dug in to eat. The food was all the best- Nova Scotia Salmon, Beluga Caviar, biscuits, Ham, Sausage, Eggs, and well browned potatoes. After we were done eating, Daddy asked if we wanted to watch a movie. We all were excited and followed him to the theater in the basement.

We all sat in the comfy seats, and Daddy started the movie. Daddy sat between Mom and I, and my Brother was by Mom. It started up with the theater logo, and then faded to black. The room was pitch dark, and all we heard were moans and groans. Slowly coming into focus was a clip from our pool party. It was one of my friend and I torturing my Brother, but it was now edited and the sound enhanced. Our gift was this movie Daddy said. He then turned to me and pulled me onto his lap. I leaned forward and kissed him again, but this time his lips parted. I had long imagined this, and couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

I felt Daddy’s big hand circle my breast and nipple. I moaned into his mouth. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my thigh. I raised my arms and he slipped my negligee over my head. He then latched his mouth over my nipple. He was so firm and rough, and I loved it. I looked over, and saw the Mom had my brother standing up, and was sucking his growing cock. He was moaning, and she was telling him it was OK to cum, as he spurted on her face, and then she sucked him back into her mouth to catch the remaining drops.

Now Daddy’s other hand moved between my legs. My knickers were beyond soaked, so he just pushed them aside. He stuck a big finger inside me and curled it around. I yelled in pleasure, and he bit my nipple hard. This was amazing, and I bucked my hips on his hand. He bit my other nipple, and my pussy gave up and gushed all over him. I apologized, and he asked for what. I was embarrassed I got his pants wet, and he said it was OK, we just needed to take them off to dry.

He stood up and I pulled them down. His huge cock was at eye level. I had only seen and touched my brother’s, and this was different. It was thick, and veiny, and he had huge balls. I took it in my two hands and slowly stroked it. Daddy let out a small moan, and I took the head, and licked it while I stroked. There was a small bead on the tip, and I licked it off and swallowed it. His cum wasn’t bad- a little more salty, but I liked it. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and took the head of his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head, and slowly pumped in and out, while I stroked his shaft with one hand, and balls with the other.

Mommy came over and started stroking my tit. Soon my brother was on the other side, sucking my other tit. I was lost in pleasure. Mum whispered there was enough cock for all of us, and started sucking Daddy’s balls. She called my brother up, and while I licked the head, they kissed on both sides of Daddy’s shaft. Mummy squeezed his balls, and asked him to cum for us. He was close anyway, and with the three of us working on his cock, he exploded- I got most of it right in my mouth, but Mum took some when I couldn’t keep up, and even made my brother take the last few drops- which he seemed to enjoy.

We then all started kissing and tasting Daddy’s cum on each other’s tongues. Even Daddy sat down, and asked for a taste of himself. My brother was already hard again, and Mom asked if he wanted to fuck her. He almost tripped getting back over to her, and she sat down on his lap. I watched his cock slide in, and Mom asked me to kiss her right where he was in her. I knelt down, and licked her clit while my brothers cock fucked her. She came very quickly, and doused him with cum. She told me to use her juice, get a finger wet, and stick it in my brothers bum while he fucked her. I did, and he almost jumped, but quickly pushed down to get more of the finger. When he came this time, he screamed and almost shot Mom off his cock. I kept fingering and licking until he went soft and Moms pussy was clean.

I laid down on the soft plush carpet and tried to catch my breath. While I laid there, Daddy got up. He stood over me, and to my complete surprise, peed on me! I was shocked at first, and didn’t know how to respond. But then, the hot, salty liquid felt good, and I sat up. I took his soft cock, and tried to squeeze out the last drops, even licking him clean. He asked if I minded, and I said it was weird but not bad. I kinda had to go too, and he said to stand up. I did, and he laid down and told me to let it go. It was hard to pee standing, but Mum got up, and and gently rubbed below my belly, and soon I started to pee. Mom held me, and even directed it over Daddy. She leaned in, kissed me, and put my hand to her pussy, just as she started to pee also. Not wanting to be left out, my brother stood up and let fly over us all. When we were done, Daddy said it was time for a quick dip in the pool, and we all got up to follow….


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