Mommy loves dressing and teasing her little sissy boy. Turning you into a nylon and panty wearing sissy boi is even better.  I especially love exploring the mommy-son fantasy, revealing my son’s secret fetish of wearing panties and stockings.  My fantasy starts with arriving home early to catch my son dressed in my sexy black panties and silky black nylons.
Over the past few years, my son has fallen into the naughty little habit of playing with Mommy’s panties and nylons.  When Brandon was younger, he would brush his hands and face against the softness of my nylons.  Now that he is older, I’m always catching him in my room – wearing them and looking at himself in the mirror.

Brandon can’t get enough of touching himself.  He just loves rubbing his hands over himself, making the soft fabric slide all over his skin. His little clitty would get so hard.  I often pretended to be upset with him. It’s so much fun seeing his face full of shame and the humiliation in his voice, as he says “Sorry Mommy, it just feels so good. I can’t help it.”  I tell him it’s okay, but not to do it again. A few days later, I couldn’t help myself – I would leave my bedroom door open, tempting him with my panty drawer.  This little game of “Tempt and Tease” was a lot of fun, but after a while, I needed to kick things up a notch.

Brandon was standing there in nothing but a pair of tiny black panties and black nylons. He looked very cute, as he rubbed his hard little dick through the panties. I couldn’t stop myself from joining him. “What are you doing!?” I said in my fake angry voice and he jumped. He stared at the floor and told me he was sorry. I couldn’t help myself.  I went over to him, stood behind him and put my arms around him.  Slowly I slid my hands down his stomach, resting my fingers on his hard dick.  Whispering in his ear, “I know and that’s why I’m going to help you.  I’m gonna transform you into my little girl.” I gave his dick a squeeze, as he pushed back on my hand.  I let him rub himself against me.

Teasing him for a minute, I walked over to the dresser and pulled out his surprise. A matching bra to match the little panties and nylons he was wearing.  I couldn’t help stuffing the bra to give him breasts. as  I then grabbed my makeup bag and emptied it on the bed. He knelt by the bed like a pretty little bitch. “Which color do you want to wear?’ I asked him, as I pushed a couple of lipsticks towards him. He picked up the pink, thought about it then grabbed the dark red. “This one Mommy, it’s pretty.” I took it from him and slicked it across his lips. He was right! It was pretty and it went great with his black lingerie.

We made a game of feminizing him into the perfect sissy.  My make up bag was filled with an assortment of girlie accessories.  I proceeded to make him over with blush and eyeshadow.  I made him into the cutest little sissy ever.  He couldn’t stop admiring himself, as I went to the closet and grabbed a dress that I never wear anymore. I gave it to him and said: “You’re going to wear this around the house until we get you a closet full of pretty clothes of your own.” I told him, as he put it on.

Dressed like a little girl, I put him in front of the mirror and said “Look how pretty you look. I’ve always wanted a little girl. What should your new name be?” I asked him. He blushed and said, “I like to pretend my name is Sophie.” It was cute and girly. Perfect. “I reached under the dress and rubbed his little clitty.  “You seem really happy about your new look Sophie. Why don’t you show Mommy just how happy you are.” I put his hand under his dress and in his panties.  Rubbing his dick, I slowly forced him to jerk off.  He moaned and I let him go, as he kept going. I watched, as my little girl jerked her dick hard and fast while staring at herself in the mirror.

She let out a groan, as she came inside her panties. “Okay, playtime is over,” I told her. She looked disappointed. “Don’t worry, we can play again tomorrow.” She smiled and when I told her she could wear her new outfit for the rest of the day she told me I was the best mommy ever.

Brandon was now Sophia and he loved his transformation and secret time with Mommy Raven. Wait til next time when Mommy exposes you to a session of pegging.  Ready to explore your transformation into the perfect little sissy. Come tell Mommy Raven ALL Your Dirty Little Secrets.   Ssssh I promise NOT to tell.

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