Peter was known as the anal king. The type of guy who always “took” what he wanted, even if the girl said no. Well, paybacks are a bitch and you fucked with the wrong one this time. I had a mission and it had Peter’s name written all over it. I was going to get “Anal Justice” for all the women in his past. Some men, like Peter, spend their whole lives treating their cock like a weapon Let me introduce you to my 10-inch weapon. Justice was sweet and his ass was mine.

My friend Ashley told me about this guy Peter and his nasty behavior. Every weekend, he would pick up random girls and use them like whores. He would take them into the alley behind the bar, his car, or to the local hotel to use them and abuse them. It wasn’t totally his fault – the girls should have had a little common sense. Especially when a guy has a reputation for fucking girls and degrades them till his balls were drained. He never bothered giving his pathetic egotistical male behavior a second thought. It was sure to get him into some serious trouble.

One night, while Ashley and I were at Tavern, we ran into the infamous Peter and gave him a taste of his own medicine. Knowing his ammo, gave us the upper hand and made him an easy target. His weakness was going to be our advantage.  After a few rounds of Fireball and some naughty flirting, I persuade him to come back to my house. The fun was just beginning. My little accomplice and I had no problem winding him up to explode. I couldn’t resist rubbing his cock on the taxi ride, as Ashley rammed her tongue down his throat.

By the time we arrived, he was putty in our hands. His clothes were off before we even hit the door. This was gonna be easier than I thought. As he slipped into the bathroom to take care of some business. I slipped into something long and hard. I loved my strap-on. It’s like my extension of power. I was gonna give him a taste of his own medicine, “Hey what are you doing in there? You aren’t having second thoughts are you?” I said as I pushed open the door. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Peter was bending over the toilet, jerking himself off, reading my magazine “Anal Justice.” “WOW – Are you kidding me?” Ashley snapped a shot with her iPhone. We couldn’t stop laughing. Is that what it takes? I said in a condescending voice.

The look of shock on his face was priceless. “So you like busting a nut taking hopeless women? Well, it’s time to even the playing field.” Peter couldn’t believe how big my strap-on was hanging between my legs. “You are gonna be my bitch tonight,” I said, as I forced him over the toilet. He resisted at first, but I reminded him about the video Ashley was taking with her phone. Without hesitation, I parted his ass cheeks and swirled my big cock head around his tight puckering hole. At first, he didn’t know whether to fight it or enjoy it.

Reaching between his legs, I grabbed his throbbing cock – teasing and denying him any relief.  His ass accepted my strap-on, as I slowly slipped inside. Inch by inch thrusting deeper, as I pushed harder into is pussy. “How does it feel to be taken you little shit fuck? He started to beg for mercy. Taking him with every inch I didn’t let up.  I allowed him to massage his cock. Not for pleasure but so he would stop his whining and shut the fuck up.  I intended on giving him a ruined orgasm. <wicked lil laugh> Finally, he started to relax and leaned back to embrace the moment. Pure pleasure took over his face, as I drilled his tight man pussy deeper and harder.  Anal justice is bittersweet and he was my bitch.

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