I started something with my mom while we both slept.

My mom and I have always been pretty close. She had me when she was 19 so when I turned 17 she was still pretty young and by far the hottest mom of all of my friends. She had big DD tits and a really nice ass. Then she had two more kids after me but her body still was hot! I only could hope that I looked as good as her if I had kids.

Every time I had something going on at school she would be there. I would always compare her to every other mom there but the realization that my mom was a MILF came when I saw all of the guys I went to school with eyeing her. One of the guys even came up to me and told me that my mom was hot. I felt a little awkward but how could I be mad at him for telling the truth?

One night while my dad was out of town I came into her room to ask her a question.

We were pretty open to the fact that she was naked shouldn’t have been a surprise. But when I walked in and saw her butt ass naked I lost all train of thought. When I realized I had been staring at her with my mouth agape I finally said, “You know mom, you are gorgeous. All of the guys at school think so too.” She just gave a little laugh and said, “Thanks.” See, that’s the thing about my mom she’s hot without even realizing it. I think that makes her even hotter!

I asked her if I could sleep with her that night and she said yes because dad wasn’t home. So I crawled into her bed and watched as she put on a tank top and shorts. She climbed into bed with me and we cuddled a little as we drifted off to sleep. I was having an amazing dream about my mom and didn’t realize that I was grinding my pussy on her leg and talking in my sleep until I heard her moaning and I woke up. Apparently, I was doing more than just grind my pussy onto her leg.

My hand was between her legs rubbing her pussy. My mom was in deep sleep after taking her sleeping pills and I wasn’t sure what to do. I mean she was already moaning with my fingers between her legs so should I remove them? Or should I keep going? Her pussy was pretty much bald with just a small patch of hair above her clit and even that was trimmed down.

Her pussy was soaked so I decided to keep going.

Besides, it was turning me on, even more, knowing that I was the source of my mom’s pleasure. I slid my two middle fingers into her dripping pussy and did the same to myself with my other hand. As I continued fingering my mom I kept the same pace in my own virgin pussy. Just as she started cumming I felt my own orgasm welling up inside of me and fingered even harder. I started panting and released my cum all over my own hand as my mom poured her own all over my other hand.

I removed my fingers from my mom’s pussy and rolled over. So I finally caught my breath and started to doze off. I thought my mom slept through it all but just as I was about fall all the way asleep I felt the bed move as she leaned over, kissed my forehead and said, “Thank you baby gir”. Did I dream that? I don’t know, but things between my mom and I got a little more interesting after that night! I can’t wait to tell you more!!

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