Mom gets fucked, and it’s her own fault.

Mom gets fucked and, really, she’s the only one to blame for this.  It all started with a power outage.  Everyone was in their respective rooms when it happens and, like any good father, her husband went down to investigate and grab some flashlights from the basement.  Rather than wait in silent, pitch-black darkness, mom decided to get up and check her husbands progress.  That’s when she bumps into him.  Or so she thought.

My, my, how much you’ve grown, Andy.  It’s like your mom didn’t even recognize you anymore.

“Oh! Sorry honey!”  She said as she moved her hands across her own sons frame.  “This is kind of exciting though, baby.  Imagine what naughty things we could get away with in this dark with Andy just in the other room.”

It never even dawned on her that it could be her own son she’s talking to.  His chest was just so wide, and that package…mmm…honestly a bit bigger than she remembers her husband being.  Maybe that’s what turned her on so much and caused her to lean in for a kiss.  Andy couldn’t stop it, nor did he want to.  His mother’s soft, plump tits pushing against him were too much to resist.  As their tongues wrestled, he couldn’t help but play with them a little bit.  Her nipples were standing on end, and she moaned loudly at his fondling.

There is a rustle from downstairs.

“Looks like Andy’s downstairs,” she remarked as she pulled away.  You don’t know why, but you could just tell she was grinning.  “Let’s go back to bed.”

Without thinking, you pulled your own mom into your bedroom.

“Sweetie!  On Andy’s bed when he’s in the house?!  That’s so wrong.”  Even as she said this, you could tell from her voice that she was into it.  Weirdly into it, in fact.

You both collapsed onto your bed, unable to keep your hands off of each other.  You can’t believe it.  You’re actually screwing around with your own mom.  You forget yourself and accidentally blurt it out, too.

“Mom,” you whisper too late to catch yourself.

“Honey…that is so naughty…’ Andy’,” she plays along.

She has no idea!  She thinks it’s just kinky fun!

You call to her over and over again as she wraps her lips around your cock and sucks it like a proper milf slut.  Of course, you have to taste her pussy yourself, too.  First, the mom gets fucked by your tongue.  It tastes so sweet and perfect.  Sixty-nining with your mom is such a thrill.  She’s so hungry for you, too.  Look at the way she’s riding your face.  If you’re not careful, she’ll…

“Andy!  I’m coming!”

Your mother’s cunt juices spray all over your face and pillow.  Won’t it be nice to go to sleep in the scent of your own mother every night now?  But there is no way you’re all done.  You flip the script on her and find yourself on top of her with her begging for Andy’s cock.  It’s such a turn-on.  She actually wants you.  She might think you are your father, but, in this moment, she wants ‘Andy’ to fuck her.

Finally, mom gets fucked.  Diving in.

So soft.  So good!  How does your own mother feel this good?!  Oh my god, you could have cum from penetration alone.  It’s difficult for your mom to stay quiet now.  She keeps telling you how good that cock is.  You slam it into her, letting her feel every inch before the time comes.

This one act could knock her up, but you don’t care.  Flooding that pussy with your seed would feel so good, consequences be damned.  It’s going to be so good.

Then the lights come back on.

The two of you stare at each other in terror, realizing the shit that you’re in.  Then your mom’s legs wrap tighter around you.  Looks like Andy’s going to have a ‘little brother’.

If your mom was hot, would you be able to resist?  Would you finish inside of that eager, moist pussy or would you pull out instead? Would mom let you at that point? Call my phone sex line and let me know!