Mom Eats Sons Cum While Visiting Over Christmas Break

I came from a very open and loving family.  We were raised to be free sexually and to express ourselves however we wanted, whenever we wanted, and with whoever we wanted to.  Who better to teach us about our sexuality than our own family right?  After all, no one loves you more than family and they always have your best interests at heart.  Family members would never do anything to intentionally harm you and they can give you advice without causing self-doubt or making you self conscious.  In our family, we practice open sexuality and mom eats sons cum.

Let’s have some Adult Chat. So when my siblings and I got older and went to college or moved out then our visits home became even more special.  Whenever we come home my sister and I get special alone time with daddy.  We show him how much we miss being daddy’s little girls by loving him in ways only we can.  My brother, however, is the lucky one since he gets mom all to himself.  Mom eats sons cum every chance she gets and their bond always seems stronger afterward.

So this Christmas was like any other even though we were all adults now.  It had been a few years since the whole family had been together.  I was really looking forward to my special alone time with daddy.  This time we would all be visiting for a full week rather than just a few days.  I was so excited that things would be like they used to be when we were growing up.

Mom Eats Sons Cum – A Holiday Tradition

After being home a few days, I decided I should help mom with a few chores. Walking down the hall, I heard a low moan.  I thought maybe Kaleb was online looking at phone sex sites again and decided to tease him.  I had the laundry basket propped on my hip as I gathered laundry.  On the pretense of gathering more clothes, I stopped in the hallway right outside mom’s bedroom.  Slowly, I opened the door and peeked inside.  Kaleb was laying on the bed tied to the four corner posts.  Mom was kneeling between his legs, holding his balls while she licked his cock.  Feeling like an intruder to their special time, I started to back away.  However, the door squeaked and alerted mom and Kaleb to my presence.

“I’m so sorry to interrupt!” I exclaimed.  Kaleb and mom exchanged a look to which Kaleb shrugged.  “Don’t be silly dear.  Put down the laundry and join us,” mom said.  I looked at Kaleb and he winked.  Growing up, Kaleb and I enjoyed playing together, however, this is his special time with mom.  Still uncertain and hating to interfere, I was hesitant.

“Come on Kassidy,” Kaleb said, “You wouldn’t deprive me of my two best girls would you?” I set the laundry basket down and slowly approached the bed.  “Well, of course not.  You know I’d do anything for you big brother,” I said with a smile.  Keeping eye contact with Kaleb as I undressed, I completely missed the considered expression passing over mom’s face.

“Although mom eats sons cum is a holiday tradition, there is no reason you can’t have fun too Kassidy,” mom says.

Let The Training Begin

I turn to look at mom.  “What do you mean?” I ask and then turn to look at Kaleb.  “Don’t worry Kass,” Kaleb assures me, “It’s cool with me.”  Mom then reaches out and takes my hand, pulling me onto the bed with her.  We each lick and nibble along the length of Kaleb’s cock while he moans aloud at the dual sensations.  After a long while, he begs to taste me too and so I straddle his head, lower my pussy to his mouth, and ride his face.

Mom says to me, “The key to getting as much cum as possible is to edge him repeatedly.  You pay attention to the hitches in his breathing.  You watch the clenching of his fists.  Whenever he tries to thrust his cock deeper, you back off and play with his balls or ass until he calms down.  If he seems to enjoy that and isn’t backing off from his orgasm then you squeeze his balls to give a little pain.  As soon as he settles, you slowly work him up again.”

I look over my shoulder and meet Kaleb’s eye.  “He’s looking pretty desperate momma,” I say as I watch the sweat bead on his forehead.  Mom leans over and grabs Kaleb’s cock.  She licks along the side of his cock, rubbing her cheek along his thick shaft as she makes her way to his balls.  After sucking on each ball in turn for a few minutes, she grasps them in one hand and lifts them up to hold with his shaft.  She then begins to thrust her tongue along the skin leading to his asshole.

The Grand Finale While Mom Eats Sons Cum

Kaleb starts trying to move, thrashing as much as the restraints will allow.  When mom thrusts her tongue into his opening, Kaleb loses it.  His fists are clenched tight, he’s attempting to lift his hips, and he’s moaning loudly.  After a few minutes mom lifts up and shoves her mouth down on Kaleb’s cock without any warning.  As Kaleb howls with pleasure, she reaches up and shoves me back down on his face.  His moaning and thrashing instantly plummet me into another orgasm, just as Kaleb explodes himself.

Mom continues sucking on Kaleb for a few more minutes and licks every last drop of his cum.  Then she lifts her head and smiles at me.  That, my dear Kassidy, is how you continue the tradition of mom eats sons cum whenever you have a son of your own one day.  It is an incredible bonding experience and will bring the two of you closer than you can ever imagine.

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