“Put your hands behind your back and lean forward, receive your gift from your Mistress.”

He felt the leather collar as I tightened it around his neck. I know your dirty little secret, deep down inside you love this. “With this collar, you are Mistress’s new pet, mind, body, and soul. My pet to play with and spoil; however, I want!” My enjoyment was palpable as I clipped the leash to the collar. I lead John around the room to see how he would do on walks and I was very pleased with his obedience. I make it very clear what I expect from him.

“Let’s start with some rules!”

“First, always remember that you are my pet. In other words, I own you. You will not speak unless directly instructed to do so. ‘Yes,’ or ‘no’ questions should be answered by nodding. You will stay on all fours unless directly instructed to stand. A pet’s place is on the floor, or in its cage unless I ask for your company or for you to join me. Do you understand so far, love?” 

He was suddenly aware of the collar around his neck as he nodded, yes.

I exclaimed in a very excited voice, “That’s my good boy!”

Mistress’s new pet started to relax, but I wanted to keep John on his toes.

“Pets don’t’ usually wear clothes, and so Mistress’s new pet will not have any on while you are here unless I choose otherwise.”

“Now, take all your clothes off!”

Without hesitation or a second thought, my pet peeled his clothes off. The blue jeans, button-down pink oxford shirt, pink lacey panties, white socks, and sneakers were all placed in the black bag I held out as I watched, smiling. In no time at all, he stood before me, naked. 

“Now, on your knees!”

As he got down on all fours, I could tell everything looked in order; from his shaved balls and ass right up to his cute little nose that he had pantied black just like a new little puppy.

Without warning, but with a gentle hand, I grabbed his cock and balls, to inspect them.

“I’m glad to see you took care of your grooming for me. I’ll see how you do and determine if I need to bring in someone to groom you in the future.”

With a sly look in my eyes and an evil smile lifting the corners of my mouth, I carefully worked his testicles and dick through a pink plastic ring. Then I positioned it around the base of his shaft. After that, I guided it into the snug, pink plastic sleeve. The small locks clicked as they closed. He whined like a new little puppy too.

“I know I should have you neutered, but we’ll just start you with chastity,” I said, looking at the device on John’s manhood.

As I brought his next surprise closer, consequently, his ass cheeks started to tighten up, and his eyes grew big at the sight of the butt plug with the long floppy tail on it.

“You need a tail to wag and show me that Mistress’s new pet is happy to see me.”

As I slid it between his crack, he relaxed a little at the soft, lubricated tip of the butt plug. I then pushed it inside him, intensely. He started to bite his lower lip to silence his soft moans. His cock was throbbing and wanted to stiffen, but trapped inside the small sleeve of the pretty pink chastity device that wouldn’t be happening. Even with his lips closed tightly together, I could still hear his weak, sissy groans. So, with a slightly wicked laugh in my voice, I asked him, “Who’s my good boy? Now, wag that tail for mommy!”

“Well, now, let’s get you into the right frame of mind with some playtime.”

I held up a new toy for my new pet: a bright, floppy pink dildo. I shook it in front of his face. Then, I tossed it across the room, and it landed in the corner. I looked into his eyes with delight and said,


Making John, his Mistress’s new pet was one of my best ideas, and I enjoy his weekend visits. All the rewards of a new play toy with none of the responsibility, it’s a beautiful thing.

I know you need some kinky hot phone sex in your life! So cum, get it from your fantasies mommy. Call and beg your Mistress for mercy.