Mistress Raine Begins Her Ownership of Me

“Yes,” I stuttered, my throat raw from the skull fucking I’d just received. ” ‘Yes’ what, worm?” said the beautiful goddess standing above me. “Yes Mistress Raine, please fuck me with your big thick cock! Use me like the toy I am!” I said, utterly brimming with lust. my mind going blank as she sunk back into me, making me moan as she split me open again, my arms going limp succumbing to the pleasure. I laid there taking it, being a good little toy for my well-hung mistress.

I’d always joked about prostate manipulation to my fiance, but she never took it seriously, always quick to retort with “I didn’t say ‘yes’ to marrying a queer.” Which always leaves me completely pissed off. I’m not gay, I didn’t want anything to with a man, just dominant women. I was curious, and I did my research and quickly became enthralled with pegging, just fully opening yourself. The thought of being so comfortable with a woman fucking you, that you’re able to have some of the best orgasms in your life made me unbelievably hard.

Fast forward three months, and I find the perfect opportunity. Now, I’m no stranger to phone sex, but I’d never thought of using it for this. Mistress Raine caught my eye, and I couldn’t stop thinking of her. I had to do it, I NEEDED it.
“Hi, it’s Raine!” My cock throbbed in my hand just at the sound of her voice.”Hi Raine, or should I say, ‘Mistress Raine’? ” “Now why would you even question that you worthless little man?” Her voice was seething with threats of punishment. I broke immediately, mentally and sexually. “I’m sorry Mistress, I only mean to please you!”. I was hers, owned, branded and bound, nothing she’d ask would go undone.

Teen Phone Sex!