Mistress of Wicked Desires Cums Home to Play! Open Up!

Your Mistress of wicked desire cums home to play. It’s that time of year again. The time for home-comings! I’m fresh from graduating college and barely legal. A trained ballet dancer, while also being a live-in nanny. The Martinson’s hired me two weeks after graduation, which was three weeks after baby number 3 for them!

They really needed a nanny! They’re all good children and well-mannered for the most part for all being under 5. Was I a horrible woman for not thinking anything when I accepted the offer to be their nanny? Anything eXXXcept that I wanted to FUCK Mr. Martinson in the worst way!! And I knew he wanted me too! He was craving some sexy beast training that only a sweet barely legal teen could give him!

Wicked Desires Set the Tone…

From day one when Denzel, ahem, Mr. Martinson, walked into the Au Pair suite I occupied while I was Ass-up drying myself from a shower, I knew he was mine! At first, he just watched and I didn’t notice him there. Then, as he moved, I caught sight of him in the mirror. Standing there, arms folded as he assessed my tight, round, and oh-so-fuckable little ass. This Mistress of Wicked Desires pretended not to see him and began moving in ways to make him come forward to me.

I stood and turned to look into his eyes and found him nearly on top of me! He cupped the back of my head and kissed me! I can’t say I objected. Within moments, I was slobbering all over his dick and gulping his pre-cum. Feeling the cream start to crawl toward the outer lips of my legal pussy. His hand slid between my thighs. As if on queue I pushed my clit against him in anxious fervor.

The Fulfillment of My Desires

“D” cupped me with both hands under my ass and walked with ease and fluidity to place me on top of the heated countertops. As a younger girl, I fantasized about the Master of the house. The smell of his Gio cologne. Since working here, I followed him, visually, at first, then physically tracking him from room to room. He knew it and coyly confronted me, teasing and touching me in ways I knew he wouldn’t if the Mrs. was watching. Oh! Nothing over-the-top. But things like running his fingers down my bare arms. Sometimes, both arms at once.

Yeah. He knew exactly what he was doing to his little Mistress of wicked desires. He saw the effect those slow, lingering touches had on my breast. Most specifically, my nipples! Still enough to fall off! Areolas all puffing in that wanton way they do. He release me when we heard the clicking of heels. But, the backward glance he gave, let me know there was much more to cum!

Mistress of Wicked Desires Turns Lover.

So, today, sitting with my legs being pulled apart by this hunk of a man, with his huge dick pushing against my pussy, I knew. I just knew we were meant to be together in this way. I pushed hard against that beast of a dick; forcing his harder and deeper into my little box. He pushed faster and harder until a casual listener could hear the slapping of my thighs and ass against his firm belly.

We fucked faster and more furiously than any person should be able to. But, once this mistress of wicked desires looked at the clock in the bathroom, it was evident we had mere minutes before Judith would come back. We filled those minutes with sublime passion and closeness we knew we would repeat again and again… Every chance we got.

How is our barely legal Mistress story going? Call me for some age play phone sex and find out.

Kiss, kiss.

Just JoeyMistress of Wicked Desires