Mistress has the key to your kinky desires

I hear your voice on the other end of the phone, ‘hello Mistress Roxy’, you say in that deep husky voice that I have grown to recognize so easily.  ‘Hello, there’, I whisper, smiling as I do, because we’ve come to know each other very well, sharing some of each other’s darkest secrets.

‘Why don’t you drop by in about thirty minutes, I should have the room all set up by then’, I say.  I stand up from the kitchen table, grab my coffee cup and wrap my robe back around my naked body.  I head upstairs to my secret room hidden in my closet, my mind going a million miles an hour thinking of all the things I can do with you this afternoon.  We do have the next four hours to spend with each other so why not enjoy every single delectable second we can.

I sit down in my dressing room, contemplating what I’m going to wear for our dirty little date!  My fingers brush over outfit after outfit until I come to the perfect one. I pull it out and hold it up to my tan taunt body, my tits still perky even after having two kids.  I turn a bit to check out my tight round ass.  Then I smile and slowly let my hands slide over the small of my back down that sexy plump curve my ass makes, knowing that you are just going to love this outfit!

 I sit down on my chaise lounge and start to dress, taking care to make sure each piece looks perfect and seductive.

I grab those thigh-high leather boots from behind some of my clothes hanging on the left side of my closet and slip them on.  And as I zip them up and tingle comes over my body.

I grab my hidden key, and push away the long dresses to expose the hidden door. And as I push in the key and turn it, hearing that familiar click my heart starts to race.  I flip on the light and enter the room, looking around at all the toys I have at my disposal for you. I glance up at the clock knowing my kinky slave will be here shortly, ten minutes I think to myself, almost ready.  So I grab an assortment of toys and devices, laying them all out in a row on the table to the right side of the bed.  I grab a big piece of plastic and place it on the floor.  I hear the intercom buzz as he rings the doorbell and I enter the code to let him in the house.

Then I enter the room, lock the door, and walk to the front of my closet to greet him. I smile as he appears,  ‘Are you ready for this?’, I ask. That devious smile spreads across my face, my whole body tingling with excitement.  Yes Mistress he says as shows off his collar already attached and hands me his leash.  ‘On your knees my puppet!’.

He follows me on hands and knees like the good little dog he is. I allow him to take the key to the room.

As he pushes the key into the lock, my hand grasps over the top of his as we turn the lock together.  I pull his leash as I lead him inside and hear him let out a sigh of pleasure.  ‘Up on the stool my pet’, as I pat the cold leather. I rub my hands together anticipating all I get to do for you today! And then ………… you’ll have to call me to find out the rest of the dirty little story!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke