The Lunar Cycle of 2015 had caused upsets all over the world. That was followed by the unexplained meteor showers. What came next, no one could explain. All that was known was that men all over were experiencing the mysterious side effect of never being able to be sexually satisfied…that brought a crime spree resulting in attacks on women everywhere. Police had little to go on, except for the remaining evidence at each scene… spermatozoa… otherwise known as “sperm”. Women were being attacked and fucked in the pussy and ass, sucked, pinched, probed, choked with cum, licked and fingered to near comatose states. What about the moon cycles would cause these men to be on a sexual “Purge” of this magnitude? Super Hero, CUM GIRL had to be called onto the case. Only she could “get to the bottom” of this!

The call went out over the secret system designed by politicians all over the U.S. asking for her help.

If ANYONE knew CUM, it was her! CUM GIRL arrived in the Capital, Washington, DC at noon on Friday, but had trouble making way to the White House due to the riots. Hundreds of thousands of women taking to the streets in protest that they were not being protected against the crime outbreaks specific to women and girls. Having the ability to fly made traffic a non-issue. She ran late because she stopped to talk to some of the women to find out if any were survivors of these attacks. She had only heard of those left unconscious at the scenes. After speaking with random women and girls, she found that there were no “survivors” of the attacks. And of course, this was the major concern for CUM GIRL. She had to find a solution…and fast!

That first night in the nation’s capital, CUM GIRL plotted all of the territories that she would need to surveil within a short amount of time to gain intel and determine how this happened, and how to stop it! She decided on D.C., Maryland, and Philly as her focus. Even with superpowers, that was still a heady proposition to cover that much territory, for troops of police in every home, every neighborhood and city within each state. It would be arduous for CUM GIRL, but she was up to it.

She had MASTERED the Art od Dirty Therapy!

Flying over D.C. before heading into Maryland, she spotted something about two miles down on “E” Street. Going into freefall (which, as a side point always produces copious amounts of wetness to form between CUM GIRL’S legs and making that latex catsuit even shinier), she landed nearly on top of the couple. Well, maybe calling them a couple was a stretch since CLEARLY, they weren’t fucking. Oh, he was fucking her. That’s true. But, she? She was nearly catatonic when CUM GIRL got her free from the demon’s clutches. She fought him like her life depended on it…and beat him like he owed her money! That always gave her some satisfaction…taking down the bad guys. The culprit started to regain consciousness and that’s when she SAW IT!

Right there. On the head of his cock, was a parasite! It looked like a normal head of a penis, but it could move, think, desire, no…DEMAND, all of its own accord. CUM GIRL noticed that “it” would have to assimilate itself to each cock head…she fought the urge to giggle at the thought of what the thing would look like attached to a big black cock. An alien that attaches to the head of a man’s cock! Ingenious…Now, how to stop it?

CUM GIRL had the thought in those seconds when the alien-infested man started to cum to…

What if she tried to suck the alien off of his cock (pun intended Giggle)??? She flew over to him in the blink of an eye, just like the theme song written for her, I forget the exact words, but it was something like, “swift in the night, like a knife, no one can run, leaving a trail of cum”…No? Not the catchiest of lyrics if you ask me…oh, well. LOL

Her luscious lips wrapped around his cock and started to suck like a vacuum, then she felt it! The alien instinct was to fight back! It started making the man’s cock grow to a size no mortal woman could ever suck! It grew in length to nearly 20″ and had a 10″ circumference! What the FUCK!?!?!? She had her super-girl name because of her mouth’s abilities to stretch to conform to the size of ANY COCK, ANYWHERE, AT ANY TIME! There was no other like her. Mystery solved! She now knew she had only to employ her best qualities; the ability to seduce, dominate…and oh, yeah!

Lest we forget the name…SWALLOW!

She laid her trap to coax the infected men into her lair. And when they came…so did she! She trapped them all inside the warehouse own by the Fed and had them shackled by her own team of soldiers…all men.  So they couldn’t be seduced by the aliens and pinned them into place for her special brand of assault!

There before CUM GIRL, lay the bodies of over 1000 men of all nationalities…not that it mattered. We’ve already covered the fact that the aliens will fight back using size…so, from small to large…they ALL had monster dick now! She had the ability to fly and so hovered above each bared cock and started her work. She teased (why? Because it’s fun! Duh! LOL), licked, gulped, sucked and swallowed with honor serving her country. And when her work had been completed, she landed back on her feet, chin dripping with spittle. She swiped it with the back of her latex sleeve…she was a little bit smug. How could they…even aliens, think they could outdo the good old earth…and with cock aliens? She knew the other galaxies were aware of her prowess. They all KNEW, there is no cock too large, no cum too copious to halt CUM GIRL!

As CUM GIRL flew off into another thankless night…to conquer all of the parasites on earth men’s cocks, she could sense the relief of women everywhere…knowing they would not have the task of sucking their men to satisfaction. As long as there was CUM GIRL…all would be right in the pants of men.

What cum filled adventures await CUM GIRL next? Call me and let’s share the secrets of how CUM GIRL came to beand the Dirty Therapy that followed…

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