Mind control sex stories took a dangerous turn in prison when a chick I THOUGHT was CUNTrolled, really wasn’t. LOL.  So, a while back, my mother-in-law and I had a rendezvous of law-bending proportions; and that led to other major complications!

That story began as a loving, sharing, bonding moment between me and my new mother-in-law.  I offered her her own son because I saw the way she always looked at him!  Moreover, it made me wetter than I’d ever been to see her squirm with anticipation at him CUMming.

She’d slather his dick with spittle and suck on the tiny hole on top of his head before snaking her tongue down to his balls.  But, “I” put ALL of those urges and thoughts in her head through MIND CUNTrol. Hee-hee.  I planted thoughts deeper and deeper into her subconscious and she followed through with every debaucherous act!

So, far be it from my mind when she turned the tables on me; and raped me in front of my hubbie (and her son!).  However, I found that she later called the cops and said: “I” had raped her!  And off to prison, I went!  They threw me in with a band-of-dykes that were thirsty for fresh pussy.   And what a time to find out that Mind Control doesn’t really WORK!

Those bitches chewed at my pineapple pussy until I was raw and ready for the infirmary!  Of course, that didn’t save me either.  60-days-in and I was the head bitch-in-charge with a long list of women who paid highly to fuck me!  Wardon “B” and I share the profits and I have a new laptop and cellphone! So, MOTHER IN LAW SEX STORIES might be my undoing!

HUMILIATION PHONE SEX is the TURN-ON you need to release!