Every one of us has had a crush on a MILF in our lifetime. Sexy moms, I like to fuck, we rule the world baby. That is right, MILFS make the world go around and we are doing it well. I am proud of my sexy self and the fact that I am a MILF! From old to young, they are all coming for a chance with me.

If they are lucky, I might let them have that chance. Sex is a huge part of my life. I enjoy it in many different forms and continue to explore new areas. I am so grateful for my crazy life and all it brings me. Above all, the sex, that is what I am truly grateful for!

MILFS make the world go around is truer than true!

When I was young I was considered sexy. Therefore, at an early age, I was sought after by men. Boys, girls up to grown men and women, all wanting to spend time with me. I love it, all the attention and the fun we have. I am young and something about me is drawing them all to me.

God, the attention is fucking intoxicating. People buying me stuff to make me happy and honestly, to bribe me to play with them in naughty ways. It is funny, the stuff isn’t necessary. I love to be naughty and don’t need bribes to play with them. Oh well, it is fun to get stuff too!

All of these men and women, being drawn to me and craving my time and body!

Fast forward to the present day. I am a mom, a grown woman and people are still drawn to me. Craving so much more now that I have this amazing body and experience. My skills are amazing and I love using them on my partners. Consequently, man, woman, young person, doesn’t matter to me as long as we are having sex.

All of this adds to my MILF phone sex and makes me an expert. I am fucking great at sex and that is in my phone sex too. To be honest, I have always known I would grow up to be a MILF. Therefore, it is no shock that MILFS make the world go around. We are there for our families, there for others, school associations, sporting events, etc. Then add in my fuck time and I am fucking saving the world!

Okay, maybe that is an extreme statement but what would the world be without MILFS?

Raising our kids, running our households, serving the community, we are some busy bitches! I love it too! Then fitting in my fuck time with old and new acquaintances is so much fun. Making all of it work and meeting everyone’s needs is so cool.

Every day I have goals set for myself and every day I achieve the goals I set! I consider myself a badass in the world of parenting and family. As long as I keep this mindset and focus I am reaching my goal of being a great caretaker and provider. Then, I am good getting out there and fucking those in need of a good lay!

Are you one of those people? Do you need some great sex?

You should know that MILFS make the world go around and are some of the best lays out there! Not just me, but all my friends are the same way. MILFS taking names and getting shit done. All while they are having lots of sex with men and women.

Don’t worry about my wedding ring. That doesn’t stop me from spreading the love. I am all about free love to all. Sharing that love through cheating wife captions is a favorite past time of mine.

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