Cheating Wife Captions – She Loves Flaunting Her Adulteress Ways

I love so many different fetishes and styles of porn. For me, it is imperative to be “in the know.” Pornography, comic porn, hentai and oh, one of my favorites, cheating wife captions. Yes, you read that correctly. Have you checked them out lately? The in your face captioned memes of cheating wives.

Cuckold is one of my specialties and these are great for humiliating the husbands. Now, understand, not every husband is into humiliation. Some just love to see their wife fucked by someone else, maybe even joining in. Consequently, those are some of my favorite cheating wife captions. When they have the husband in the pictures!

Cheating wife captions can be downright painful for the significant others.

I am curious, do you have a favorite type of cheating wife captions? Perhaps you like the kind that has a full view of that cock in her pussy. Or maybe you are a bit of a pussy and like the ones with them fully dressed. Suck it up buttercup, the best is with full views of that dirty pussy getting fucked!

Sometimes, a wife gets pulled into a situation and it is out of her control. A little blackmail that goes wrong. Ewww…I love that shit. She should have kept her pants on. If she went out a fucked someone else, then chances are she will do it again. Be aware of that captioned picture and take heed my friend.

Look at her with a pussy full of strange cock!

Be honest, your dick is getting hard isn’t. Looking at her enjoying that cock that is bigger than yours. It is sexy and bad all at the same time, right?! Fucking bitch screwing other guys. Yet, truth be told you never satisfied her, did you? You with your tiny cock or lack of sexual experience, unable to make her cum.

Hey, I get it, man. You tried for years to be her perfect guy, but you never really took the steps to learn how to really please her. Improving your game by learning how to eat that pussy so she could truly climax like no other time. All it would have taken was some porn watching, reaching out to your women friends, damn it would have been so simple.

You just didn’t do what was necessary, and she found someone else who could.

So now you get to see her in cheating wife captions with big dicks buried in her cunt. A giant smile on her face as she is having the best orgasm she has ever experienced. All caught on camera for you. Then to make it things even more special she posts those captioned pictures all over the internet.

Now, if you are my kind of guy, you are rock hard and get off on that shit. You are cuckold man that is okay with your wife fucking others in front of you. Maybe you are her bitch but you own that shit and accept it. You enjoy that pussy filled with other’s cum and faithfully clean her up.

So either way, you go, we can work out the kinks. That is my specialty baby! I am here to give you the best phone sex chat you can find and we will cover all the bases. Truth is, I am one of those cheating wives that love to have fun. One of the best times was when I got to experience black cock sex stories. Whew, good times for all!

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