Office work can be draining without a mid-day fuck break.

You wake up so early and head into the office not really feeling excited about the day ahead. It doesn’t have to be so dull! Make it way more fun with a mid-day fuck break. Guys aren’t the only ones who need to get off either. When I did my summer internship last year, it was so boring in an office setting. I had to spice it up for myself…and everyone around me. Luckily for me, the guy who was running the program was so hot and he felt the same way I did!

How could he not after the way I baited him? I wasn’t just the new short blonde hair babe intern. I wanted him to crave a mid-day fuck break as soon as he saw me in the morning. My pencil skirt definitely broke every company protocol with the dress code. My blouse was always rolling up exposing my tan lean stomach. Judging by the photos on his desk, I knew that his wife could never compete with me. That was okay. I didn’t want to take her place. I wanted to be the fun one. The one he would look forward to sleeping with just for the thrill and excitement with none of the strings.

I loved the thrill of it all. His eyes would be on me the moment I walked through the door. He would start to call me into his office for bullshit excuses. That’s when he was able to find out I didn’t wear panties.

The look on his face is priceless.

Then, I moved my legs slowly while he was ranting about the statistics of the city. His eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas when he noticed the lack of panties. And I didn’t say anything to him. I just winked and went about my day. I wanted him to really want it before I started fucking him.

He started asking me to do even more than before, but this fuck session was going to be on my terms, not his. One day, half of our team was out on a project, and we were two of the few people left behind. This was the perfect opportunity to have some fun. I came into his office and shut the door behind me. I gave him a wink before walking over to his desk. You could hear the clicking of my high heels against the hardwood floors. I was a girl on a mission with his cock being the destination.

I pushed him up against the wood that was closest to his desk. My lips met his and it felt so good. I loved having him within my grasp finally, and it felt even hotter that it was all happening with my co-workers outside the office door. His tongue was soon swirling around mine. When I bit his lip, he pressed closer into my body and I could feel his hard cock pressing through his suit. I could tell that he was packing something very fun.

All of my waiting was finally coming to an end.

I quickly unzipped his fly and pulled on a massive cock. Usually, I’m a pretty good judge of cock size but he surprised me. The look in my eye must have told him how bad I wanted it because he pushed me down onto my back right in the middle of his desk. He didn’t care what had to fall to accompany the space for me, including his family photos. I smirked to myself while he started kissing my nipples, all the way down to my pussy.

His tongue felt so good while he was licking on me. He took my clit fully into his mouth until my pussy juice was everywhere. Then, he stood up and spread my legs practically into the split position. His thrust filled me up all the way. He was bottoming out in my pussy with his huge cock. We must have gone for a while because when we emerged from his office, no one was still working and the lights were dimmed. I loved this mid-day fuck break, and I knew we would be making it into a daily routine the entire time of my internship.


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