Fuck, I could use some sweet Mexican dick right now.

Latino cock in general is just – Yum!  But Mexico has got my pussy gushing. It is all I have been thinking about for weeks, and my tight little cunt is soaking from dirty daydreams.

First off, this is 100% true.  I recently developed a thing for Hispanic men.  Maybe it’s my very own Latina roots showing through, but I want to ride that fat cock. I’m not sure how I have managed to go through life not sampling a variety of dicks.  My pussy is soaking through my panties every time I hear even the faintest accent.

I’m not sure what I must do to get dicked down by a Mexican daddy, but please split me open!  Yes, my thirst level is high as fuck.  I’m not apologizing. Instead, why don’t you sit and watch me get Latino cock stuffed into my slippery pussy?  I know you want to fucking watch it, and I damned sure want to see your face when his cum leaks out my twat.

Let me tell you about a little fantasy I have about a huge Mexican dick.

I take you, a meek and pathetic sissy boy striving to be a man, to a local Mexican restaurant.  Javier, the bartender, keeps stealing looks at me by our table.  How could I resist imagining him railing me the moment I saw those sexy brown eyes and a bulge the size of a plantain? Simple.  I could never resist such apex perfection, especially in the company of a sissy fuck toy I met online.

As the night continues, you think that we are connecting.  That I am flirting with you when Javier is in eyeshot behind you, and I am grinding this pussy into the corner of the chair.  No, I would have to taste that Latino cock!

I already know that you’ve never been with a woman before by the timid way you act.  That faux confidence does nothing to hide the truth: You will never be man enough.  Maybe you don’t even want to be anymore.

Whether you are in denial or not, you will fully embrace it when we head home at closing time.

The night went well to keep me there that long, but not because of you. Nope.  That Javier did it with his huge Mexican dick, standing out of reach looking like a damn snack, is what I stuck around for.

I’d find myself passing my number to him on the way out with you leading the way to your car.  You won’t notice, and I would be mentally fucking myself.  When you drop me off at my porch, I tell you to go in and make yourself at home.  “I forgot to check the mail,” I would say, leaving you to draw your own wrong conclusions.

Javier meets me at the gate, where I would tell him that little bitch I was entertaining at the restaurant was inside.

When I come in, you’re naked and trying too hard to seem ready.  You’re not, but Javier is.  That look of betrayal when I scoop that fat Mexican dick from his pants would make the whole night I wasted with you worth it.  Plus, you would come to the realization you’re a closet sissy cuckold fucker when I shove it deep down my thirsty thot throat. You’re even a tad jealous, wishing you could help get his dick hard before he fucks me.

I know you are craving a certain taste in your mouth.  Latino cum dripping out of this wet cunt.  Don’t be shy.  Eat up with me during some Cum Eating Phone Sex.

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