A Fast Fuck? Might As Well Not Fuck At All.

It’s not like there is a shortage of quicky porn on the internet.  This is because there are plenty of small pricked bitches that nut too fast.  You’ve seen those short clips web-wide, don’t lie.  I bet you’ve even used them sometimes.

When Jenny got married to Clyde, she expected typical life.  Two children, a picket fence, and a dog.  But how could she get pregnant if Clyde kept cumming before he even got near her? At first, she thought it was nerves, but Jenny grew tired after months of unsuccessful play.

She noticed he spent late nights in his home office with the door shut.  “Maybe, it is stress,” she pondered, ready to suggest stress therapy to him on the spot.  She reached for the handle to the french doors and let herself into the dimly lit studio. Clyde was not there.

Jenny Had Seen Him Step Out For Breaks.

Thinking that she could see what he was working on, she walked to the computer and flipped the screen up.  Her eyes widened.  Quicky porn flashed across the screen in short bursts.  The tabs across the screen illuminated more porn sites, and each one clicked had more fast fucks.

Glancing down at the floor, Jenny saw the overflowing basket of balled tissues.  Clyde had been locking himself in the office, serial masturbating, and wasting his seed.  Jenny was furious at this.

She Waited For Him In The Leather Chair, Watching The Quicky Porn Out Of Boredom.

He stepped into the room, not seeing her at first.  Clyde looked tired, and she was sure that he was after seeing the amount he was nutting.  Jenny was ready to wear him out more.  She coughed to get his attention and turned the screen to face him.

Pale-faced, he went right to explaining things were not always as they seemed.  This was client work, so she should understand.  Jenny didn’t care because he would not be having such a great time if it were just client work.

“Do you often cum all over your client work? Do your clients know?”

Clyde was looking for a way to backtrack, but there were no solutions in sight.  She held up an important-looking document that he had spilled lube across. Dear hubby was nothing but a quick fuck cuckold who had no concept of pleasing a woman.  It did not matter because Jenny had plans.

Ordering him to his knees, she made him crawl across the oriental rug to beg between her legs.  “My husband… a quicky porn addict! Does your mother know?” Kissing her feet, he pleaded with her to understand that it could be worked out.

“Worked out,” she echoed with a laugh. “Yes.  We are working on turning my fast fuck of a spouse into the cuckold he truly is.  You’re going to start bringing me home men from the office to fuck, Clyde.  Surely, one of them knows how to use their dick.”

He understood her, but at the same time, was confused.  He asked how she thought that would even work because people would talk.  But Jenny silenced him quickly.  “My sweet little fuckless bastard.  Someone has to knock me up, or the whole family will be talking! So, you are going to witness one of those hung office pricks fuck a baby into me.”

Who Knew She Was So Dominant?!

Clyde was shaking now as she smushed her heel against his nuts.  He knew she was right.  If he could not fulfill his duties, then he must accept another cock in the bedroom.

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