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Lactation porn was on Ben’s browser history when his wife found out.  She was searching for his keys on his desk when she saw a search tab was open.  Curiosity was her downfall, and she could not help but need to see just what dear hubby was up to.

She wasn’t disappointed!  She noticed that her husband was a little bitch two years prior, but it made her more horny than disappointed.  Hopeful that he would admit his shortcomings as a man, Brenda played dumb.  She did not think he would keep his mouth shut about it forever, but he never said a word.  In order to get the breast milk sex going, Brenda would have to see to it herself!

 Steamy Anything goes  Phone Sex.

Ben was running office against Steven Kimby, his nemesis since college years.  Kimby was the entire package.  A full head of hair and a huge dick made Kimby no stranger to scandals, but the crowd loved him regardless.   Ben dubbed him a crowd-pleasing idiot, yet he wasn’t blind to his wife’s wandering eyes.

Brenda used to fuck Kimby in her school days, and Ben heard all about it.  She teased him about Kimby’s unwillingness to finish first and gloated about the monstrous loads of cum he gave.  “He was a fuckin’ prize,” she used to say.  Ben turned red, and she would finger herself to orgasm later each night during a little kinky phone sex.

Enter…Breast Milk Sex (the best sex)

Knowing that lactation porn was on his browser, Brenda knew she could add it to the list her little bitch of a husband was growing.  Breast milk sex and cuckolding her husband made her panties creamy and white, but what really sealed the deal?  It was Kimby!

After a long community dinner, Ben was in a shit mood. Kimby made all the effort to pull the rug from under him, yet no one saw what an ass he was.  Now he had to get home to his newly pregnant wife, but he admitted he didn’t remember pumping her at all that year!

Brenda was always fingering her cunt, but Ben never wanted it anymore.  Beautiful and soaking, Ben never felt he could give it the proper runaround.  He kept his distance and watched lactation porn when Brenda slept.  Still, she was starting to lactate, and that made it hard for him to ignore her luscious lactating nipples.  Needing to taste those engorged melons, he tried to play with them this morning before she pushed him away.

What he saw next…

Now, as Ben was walking home to the wife, he never could satisfy, but when he entered and saw she was not alone, he was floored.  Kimby was there, tongue all over Brenda’s titties and sucking the sweet juice from them.  Breast milk sex was Ben’s thing, yet he was denied it, and here’s Kimby slurping, sucking, and ready to fuck his wife.

Brenda laughed, “Well, you didn’t think it was yours.  It isn’t!”  She was delighted at his uncomfortable position.  Ben began talking divorce and scandal, but Brenda shut it down quickly.  She let him know that his browsing history was less than vanilla.  Kimby and her had the proof and were willing to let the world see.

Or… he could drop from the race and let Kimby take the win.  Brenda had no issue letting Ben take a pay cut because Kimby was hers, too.  Now, Ben is forced to a stuffy office only to come home and watch the man who took his job fuck his wife!

Milking sex wasn’t so bad.

After eating out her creampie, Brenda was nice enough to share her warm breast milk with him.  After all, he would need something to wash Kimby’s cum down.

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