So I just learned May is celebrated by creatives as Mermay, a time you can draw your Mermay mermaid fantasy.

And you know, it has me thinking about all month what my Mermay mermaid fantasy would be. I keep tossing and turning over the idea in my head. So many different fantasies come to life. For example, I often fantasize about me rescuing a mermaid caught in a fishing boat. Or, I find what I think is a seal and it turns out to be a chubby mermaid who got caught on land. Additionally, there’s even a fantasy of me seducing mermaids one by one until I get to the mermaid queen. I become the empress through satisfying them. 

Honestly, I have no regrets about my fantasies. They’re fun and have been a nice, welcome change from being inside during the winter. But my ultimate, Mermay mermaid fantasy has a bit of a twist. 

In it, I am the mermaid. 

How It Starts

To start, I’m a mermaid swimming under the sea. I am searching for a few boats along the way. In particular, I look at small things that a few tourists rent out for a few hours on the ocean. That’s enough for me. 

When I find one (it’s inevitable that I will in my Mermay mermaid fantasy), it’s time to scout for the passengers. I peek my head out of the water, long hair flowing freely on the surface. My eyes look to see if there’s a single woman, alone. Lo and behold, I find one. There’s a super sexy blonde with sunglasses in a bikini, just relaxing and enjoying the sun.

In this Mermay mermaid fantasy, I plan to give her something else to enjoy. I lick my lips and begin to swim for the boat. When I reach the edge, I lift myself up with my arms and settle inside. She startles. 

But then, I begin to sing. My voice reaches her, and suddenly, she is under my spell. She comes closer in the boat, shrugging off her bikini top and taking off those useless bottoms. When she presses her plush lips against mine in a kiss, I know my spell has worked. 

How It Finishes

Without hesitation, I push her down onto the floor of the boat. I kiss down her neck and chest, pushing my face right into those lovely breasts of hers. While I suckle, my song continues through our minds, and I encourage her to sing in turn for me. In my Mermay mermaid fantasy, she is going to be loud. Who is there to hear us? 

I continue fondling her breasts, sucking on those warm, human nipples while my tail begins to spread her legs apart. I move my tail to grind against her pussy, feeling her warm fur against my scales. And when she begins to arch underneath me, I move my head down her belly, down her pelvis, and set my sights on a glorious, dripping, pink pussy. 

I think it’s time for some good old-fashioned cunnilingus, wouldn’t you agree? 


Being able to actually engage in my fantasies is one of my favorite parts of being a phone sex operator! Everything is spoken, so fantasies don’t have to be based in reality! Why not try a fantastic fantasy for yourself? 

mermay mermaid fantasy