Currently, on Tik Tok, there are guys closing the doors to “big” girls, and then there are the guys, that are responding in support of thick girls. In my experience, men prefer curvy girls.

In fact, they say it all the time as they are begging for more time with me. And, who I am to deny them all this awesomeness?! I am the whole package, baby! Brains, beauty, mad skills, and a fine phat ass!

Happily, the universe will take care of assholes like the ones on Tik Tok with natural selection. For those the rest of the assholes that come knockin’ on this hot BBW girl’s door, I have some badass BBW domme time for you!

Of course, most men prefer curvy girls and I can introduce you to my fan club!

Additionally, my guys love me and all my juicy curves. Smart men with amazing taste. And, they know how much fun we have in and out of the bedroom! You see, a big girl will rock your cock every day of the week!

Although, you have to be “man” enough to handle me. So many think they are and learn the “tough” lesson that they are truly little fucking bitches! Hahaha, and I am happy to give that lesson.

Men prefer curvy girls because we are tons of fun too. Not just in the bedroom. We love being the ultimate date. Every activity you can name is probably something I love doing.

Whether you want to go camping or hang out in the clubs for a bit, I am all in.

And, if we are clubbing, you better bet, this girl will look better than most when we walk in those bars! I am fine and dress to impress. Although, if we go camping you will love what I wear too.

Similarly, wherever we go, I am up for some naughty and risky sex. I like things on the edge if you aren’t too afraid to try. Since men prefer curvy girls, I love being fun and spontaneous.

Of course, if it isn’t your thing, that is okay, I can wait until we get home to fuck you. Trust me, it will be just as good at home. In fact, I have all my sexy lingerie and toys at home.

Just one more reason men prefer curvy girls with a brain.

We are smart and plan for everything. So, when we get back to my place, you better have that cock ready for a night of rocking. Just thinking about the fun we are going to have has me wet and ready.

I am thinking, tonight, I tie you to the bed. Mmmm…and I tease you with my sexy body and some denial first. Using the soft stockings, lingerie, and some feathers too.

Now, you are seeing why men prefer curvy girls, aren’t you? We are so much fun in every way. Of course, if we aren’t your cup of tea, keep it moving. I won’t lose any sleep without you in my life.

In fact, I am happily busy with my stable of studs.

And, I love the ones that still come begging for my time. For those of you that are smart enough to see how sexy and amazing I am, all you have to do is call me.

Let’s get wild and crazy with some kinky hot phone sex, baby!