I’d always fantasized about those online fetish websites. The ones where people blatantly put what they’re into, and meet up with local subs and Doms.. I’d always wanted that! I’m a little masochist, I love pain.. but I’m kind of limited to how rough my fuck buddies can get. And sometimes I play with myself with rubber bands, clamps, clips, thumbtacks.. you name it 😉
But it was time for me to meet a real Dom & see where that could take us. I started off being very shy, which is new to me. Hello? Where’d crazy Kali go? She was nowhere to be found, I let my subbie side come out when I met him. Just dressed up very nice and met him for dinner at a fancy restaurant downtown. He really wanted to show off and see what I was all about, first. I was all dressed up in a slim, black dress and 6″ strappy heels.

I could tell from the look on his face when I met him, he loved it all.

We talked over dinner and got off to a great start.. He was a sadist, which matched hand in hand in mine. I loved pain, and he loved to dish it out. We could hardly wait to get home.. But I made sure to make him wait. I needed to tease him, as always 😉 Teasing is my game. I’d make him boil until he was about to burst.. and all that tension would go right into making me his little slut for the night. Rubbing my hand along his thigh and up and down his crotch.. with enough teasing, he flat out ordered me to take his cock out in the car and start sucking on it for him. I did every little naughty thing my new Dom wanted. He was my new master, and of course I’d do anything he asked of me.

When we got home.. Well.. 😉 He already had a nice little area for us to play in. Fresh sheets draped over the bed, handcuffs, clamps, a few whips, and some dildos and vibrators that were right out of the box.. I couldn’t wait to have him fuck me..

Do you have what I need?