I loveee to go driving around, right? Well..at the start of the month, I found a little brown pitbull mix wandering around the highway. I took her in as I started looking for her owner. She’s friendly and very polite..so I knew she had to have an owner. I put ads about her everywhere, and a few weeks later..I finally got an answer.
At first I was skeptical, of course, but he sent he pictures of him with her as a puppy. The same face, the same expression.. It was definitely her. but I’d lie if I say I was only looking at her! The owner was cute.. His name was Chris, and.. fuck. Even when he was loopy and smiling (which apparently, is scientifically less attractive – Pffff, science..) he drove me crazy.

I set up a date to meet him, having him come over my house so I could see her reaction to him and everything. As usual, I was a little shy at first, but my flirty side came flooding out within minutes. We were having fun, talking about everything, including him. The more I got to know him, the more I liked. I made the tiny mistake of picking up my phone to check Twitter.. and I call it a mistake very loosely. When I unlocked the phone, I still had it sitting on the main FetLife login page. I swiped away from it as quickly as I could and continued talking, but it was too late. The conversation took a turn. He gave me a sly little grin and asked about it, saying that he had an active profile on there, as a master, and started asking if I was Dominant or submissive..
As usual, I don’t have an exact answer. I’m a switch. I’m Dominant by nature and I sure as hell love taking control and teasing someone, making them wait for it, beg for it. But I’m a masochist, I love pain, specially when it’s out of my control.

But that’s enough about me 😉

He realized the strange mix I am and he took it in stride, giving me a coy little smile and asking me if I’d like to have a little fun with him. He’d stick to my limits: my house, my rules.. but he’d be in charge, using my toys to drive me crazy.. And we had fun for the rest of that day. He was a master of seduction, as much as I loved to tease him, he always turned it back on me. He picked up his dog when it was over..but he came back briefly 30 minutes later. I didn’t realize at first, until I got a call on my phone and I picked up, asking if he forgot anything.

“Go to the front door”
Just do it. Open it.”
I stood up and went to open the door..and there was a little box in front of it. I picked it up and opened it slowly. It was a little silver dog tag with my name on it, dangling from a simple, black collar.
“You’re mine now.”

And that’s how I met my new Master.


Giving up control can be fun..

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