Medical Play: Why Does A Simple Procedure Feel So Good?

Medical play is one of my favorite fetishes, yet I seldom get to play.  It takes time to adequately stage the scene.  Build rapport with your phone sex operator so that telephonic relief is accomplished.  Medical play is not simply about counseling and castrations.  It is full of suspense, and that is what makes me so wet.

The Suspense Is Killing Me

Whitecoat syndrome is real.  That nervousness you feel just before a doctor’s appointment.  The unsettled feeling of anxiety causes you to tap your pen and bit your lip as you fill out your medical forms.  The drizzle of sweat that streams from your brow as you purge your entire medical history before strangers, leaving you vulnerable and over-exposed.

Why the wait?  Do they want me to have instant fear the moment I see the doctor and have a higher reading of my vitals?  It is cold, and I am literally wearing tissue paper.  Everything looks so sterile and neutral in here.  Revisit the scene in a bit of medical play with me.  Speak vividly about each and every detail, such as how the hands on the clock tend to tik louder and louder the longer we wait for the nurse/doctor/specialist to attend to us.  Describe how your patience wears thin.


“Please write your name on the side of the cup, and fill at least to this line.  Place the cup in the window when you are done. “

Inside of my head, all I can think of is what color will my urine be upon release.  Did I drink enough water for this? Ew!  Are they going to judge me if it comes out looking like Mountain Dew or chicken broth?  Oh, yeah!  YES!  It was clear.  I just knew I was dehydrated.  Oops, that is a bit more than I bargained for.  Maybe I shouldn’t have had so much herbal tea.  One might assume I’m trying to hide some drugs and render my test inconclusive.

In medical play roleplays, testing is very popular.  We should explore every facet of this topic.  From machines, to how you were prepped, and all possible avenues.  Not every single part of it is sexy.  Many of the things that push you over the edge will not be.  That is why building suspense is so important in medical play.  Sampling bodily fluids and how they are extracted or the collection method could be a bit unorthodox, and I like that.

No Control

You have no control over what will occur next.  Breathe and do your best to relax as the professionals and the machines do what they do best.  Listen for instruction.  Go inside your head and find your happy place.  Dull your senses to block out the pain.

You will feel a sharp pain, followed by building pressure.  Remember to breathe.  Relax, it will be over soon.

That is one of the biggest lies I have heard within and outside of medical play.  That sharp pain was crushing, but her nurturing voice was as if mommy was removing my bandage to put a clean one on.  Ever had an enema?  The building pressure will stimulate the vaginal wall and have you wanting to get your eagle on.  Let’s not forget that I want to give you a prostate massage as  I check it for scarring.  Please do not be alarmed if I place a sounding rod in your penis instead of a catheter.  After all, I’m collecting sperm, not urine today.

Be my cum slut.  Let me castrate you.  Give me a breast exam, and reset my heart and throat chakras by riding my face.  We aren’t like the other phone sex girls around these parts.  This is more than a girlfriend experience, you are getting telephonic relief.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke