Mature Women & Oddly Arousing Escapades of Joy

Mature women are the new it!  Their tubes are already tied.  Chick knows how to make herself bust.  She isn’t going to put sugar in your tank unless we are talking about that little ass-pussy of yours.  MILF phone sex could be fun.

I have an aging body that needs to be accepted, touched, and loved.  Mature women know how beautiful they are and have come to grips with what that means for them.  Currently, I am still a bit of a brat and having meltdowns at the signs of wisdom and grace.  Shying away from cameras, and avoiding family photos.  Dyeing my hair as if it would turn back the hands of time.  Waxing my vagina, and even going through electrolysis to ensure that the perfect bald and smoothness of a youthful lady still shines bright.  This is all for not.

Oddly Arousing

As my body matures, I look to my elders for assistance.  Mimic their beauty routines, diet, and activities of joy.  Lingerie has become oddly arousing.  For if I wear it outside of my home it is as if I am prepared to engage in a bit of fun at any given moment.  Self-care really does make me feel sexy.  To feel the smoothness of my own skin as I masturbate in the mirror and adorn myself in all sorts of salves and body creams is a joy like no other.  My nipples become sensitive as I give my breast a firming mask.

Working with mature women has taught me to wear makeup in a manner that suits me, but I can sweat with no problem.  Take that masturbation break and let your tears roll down your face messing up your mascara.  It is alright, Juice Beauty is natural charcoal and will wash right out of your clothes and from your face in no time.

Be like a woman from the era where hosiery was a thing.  Let him feel the silky smoothness of those nylons against his skin.  Slide up and down his body as if you were a snake, and I guarantee he will not allow you to slither away.  Pantyhose keep the skin moist and will humidify the nether region.  Be a mature woman about it and put some clear fingernail polish around the slit that you just cut down your crotch to let his erection enter, so that you do not run.  OH ME, OH MY!  Just the thought of it makes me smile.

Escapades of Joy

Hot Yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, cycling, and any exercise that will make you sweat it out in those yoga pants, DO IT!  Show off how limber you are.  Have a swimmer’s attitude.  Beat your own time, and compete with no one.  That is so sexy, and exactly why I find myself drooling over the mature women at the gym.  Absolutely remarkable, generous, attentive, and fruitful women.  Their husbands have no clue.  For they are too close to see all the glory of this mature woman that is blinding them with their light.

These gym dates, smoothie bars, and such have led me to spa days, sipping wine in the jacuzzi with their husbands, and orgies.  Not all mature women like to be referred to as a “Cougar/MILF.”  In a few years, I do not see myself playing with young men at all, but that college girl may join my future hubby and me for a round of Smash & Sip.  Cum chat with me, here at the Phone Sex Kingdom.  Have a few escapades of joy in our fantasy world, Then tell me about your ideal mature woman.  Come on Mister Sexy and slap me with your creamy sauce.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke