You look, nervous honey. Relax we are going to have so much fun tonight. Joe and Nick are true gentlemen. Me, not so much. Humiliating you is a daily thing, right? I tell you all the time you are a piece of shit. The only difference tonight is we add in some company. This company makes your wife’s pussy dance with happiness. Mature cuckold humiliation will be a whole new world of fun for us!

You are not dancing or climaxing for that matter. Well, not true. BE VERY good and get to climax. However, there is a catch we will discuss in a bit. For now, get the appetizers ready and the bar prepped. I am not sure what the guys drink. Furthermore, you will serve us tonight as if you are the butler. Doing everything you are told to do! Do you understand?

With Mature Cuckold Humiliation, I will limit what you get to do for fun!

They’re here, answer the door. Be polite and show them into the living room. What a good job darling. Something you don’t actually fuck up, very nice. Be honest, we both know you rarely succeed. You even suck in bed. After all these years it is silly to lie to you. Your tiny little pecker has never been enough for me. That is why we are trying the cuckold lifestyle, my little bitch!

At least you can get this right. All you have to do is bow down and admit what a loser you are. Then, serve me as I see fit, even if that includes pleasing our male guests. You see, my love, I am going to start the process of cock training you. As time goes on, the only way you will be able to cum is with a giant cock deep in your ass! Oh my, mature cuckold humiliation is absolutely AWESOME! This definitely adds to my GILF phone sex skills.

Cock training will get you acclimated to coming for only dicks!

Makes my pussy tingle baby! I am so excited to start this. Also, excited to play with these two well-hung men. Therefore, get out drinks while the three of us get to know each other better. Kissing and fondling each other I am in Heaven. The guys are all over me and their dicks are bulging against their pants. We are undressing each other as our mouths explore.

Oh look, here is my loser of a husband with our drinks. Goodness, look at his little clit poking on his pants. Do you see why I need you guys? That tiny little dick never satisfied me in all these years. Gentlemen, tonight we start his cock training and you get to fuck the tightest ass in town. Nice, I am glad to see you like the idea! Husband, if you want to pleasure your disgusting little pecker, you can pull it out. I do love this mature cuckold humiliation!

Big dicks to right of me, big dicks to the left, stuck in the middle again.

My brain and libido are in overdrive. I have a dick in my hand and one in my mouth as we accelerate the evening. Also, I see you playing with your hard little clitty. DO NOT CUM! If you do, you will be in serious fucking trouble! Because I decide when you cum, and that is the set rule from now on! In time I will be your GILF Cuckold Mistress.

If you want to come closer husband, you may. Watch as we get naughtier and naughtier. You still have a hard clit, I see. Good, you have been very obedient and I feel generous. Even though you are a waste of space human on a daily basis, tonight I will allow you to cum. Truth is you have let me down more than I thought was possible. Certainly, you are one fucked up guy.

As a result, our marriage has been one ugly ride.

All of that leading to our new life with mature cuckold humiliation. Yes, I have done my best to humiliate you with words for most of our marriage, but adding in the fun of other sexual partners makes it all worth it, right?! Now, get undressed and grab the lube, mama wants to see you cum. Wait until you feel them…

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