Sitting at work, your mind wanders off to that fantasy. Popping into your head, you visualize your wife being fucked by a much better man than you. Discretely massaging your semi-hard dick, you push the thoughts out of your head. Sound familiar, we should talk. I am the GILF cuckold mistress. Furthermore, if you desire humiliation, control, and/or torture, we need to talk.

Perhaps you desire a reverse cuckold scenario. You and I fucking in front of your loser wife? Together we crush her verbally and physically. First, we use the many tools available to lock her down physically. Perhaps a drug to render her unable to move but fully conscious! From there I take control of her weak mind, showing her what she is unable to provide you.

I am adaptable to any scenario as a GILF Cuckold Mistress.

Whether you like my ideas or have a shit-ton of your own to play out, we can have so much fun! I love to humiliate and control others. Torture is the icing on top of the cake. My pussy is wet thinking about it. There are a plethora of toys and tools I use for play time.

So which is it you desire? Your wife bound in a compromising position, vulnerable and exposed in every way? Or you at my feet begging for mercy? I love any scenario that involves me making someone else’s life miserable. Using the information I have on you or her. The deep dark truths buried within that I find and use. I even use torture cartoon porn for ideas!

It is intoxicating to use your darkest fears against you!

Your self-doubt and loathing are my sweet weapons of destruction. Delving deep into your psyche, I will find the worst feelings you have about yourself and cut you to the core with them. Words are strong weapons and can crush the human soul. Therefore my goal, to take you to the lowest place possible so you know I am in control.

Whether I control a man or a woman, it is the same harsh process. I love to use the physical tools to wear you down, then skipping through that wasteland of your brain, I find what I need to break you. Finally, I have you broken, and ready to submit to my will. You start to crave the abuse and control, knowing you fuck life up and I help you face it.

Face it, you are a weak piece of shit, and I am a glorious Goddess.

This Goddess makes sure to tell you what tiny little pecker you have. Finally, owning you have a clit and must see that to be who you truly are. For the woman, it is time to face the fact that you let yourself go since getting married. You don’t groom or take care of the little things and it shows.

You are disgusting to your husband. He comes to me for my beauty and brains. I am gorgeous inside and out. This man needs a woman who is well groomed, well versed and in possession of her self. Finally, you must be honest, you hate who you are! It sucks how far you have gone down since your youth.

Furthermore, you don’t know how to fix it!

That is where I come in, the GILF cuckold mistress. I show you what is required to be better, but first I have to crush your spirit and soul, allowing me to show you what pathetic human being you are. If you are a man, you are a weak, unsuccessful loser. Letting your family down time and time again, you need to face the reality that you are a punk.

It is okay to own that truth. My goal is to take you there and make it hurt through your entire being. Consequently, if you are my submissive in this cuckold relationship, you will wear chastity control for me. A lovely cock cage to keep your puny little tallywacker from erections. Oh, that is right, you don’t get to jerk off or cum without my permission bitch! I am your one and only decision maker!

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