I love my sweet baby boy to the moon and back. He is such a good boy. His favorite thing about me is the maternal GILF sessions we have. Of course, I am extremely good at using my motherly skills to pamper and comfort my sweet pea. Sometimes we just lay on the bed and cuddle for hours as I tell him what a wonderful boy he is.

Therefore, he makes sure we have lots of “alone” time. Now that he is a big boy with a family it is harder, but he loves his granny too much not to find the time for me. When the wife is away, the baby boy and granny play. Additionally, he loves coming to my place for our fun. He is into all my beautiful lingerie and toys.

Our Maternal GILF Sessions are epic.

Sometimes, I am stern and punish him. I like using my leather whip and spanking him. Additionally, I have him wear my satin panties so I can rub his hard cock through the fabric. He has a weak spot for those panties and his granny. Our naughty sessions are great for my GILF Phone Sex. He is teaching me how the panty boys love my lingerie. And, seeing me in all of it.

Turns out, all my guys crave seeing me in my sexy lingerie. Thigh-high stockings, garter belts, satin panties, and sexy bras. Of course, they love watching me take them off too. I love a man that is willing to wear my panties. I find it sexy dressing a panty-boy up in my lingerie. Furthermore, Mommy’s Panty Boy can’t get enough of my pretty panties.

He also likes us to match when we play.

There are many different types of panty boys in the world. I am here to comfort and play with them all. Some just want to wear my lingerie and play with me. Others want to learn more about being feminine and in time becoming a sissy. Oh, I love sissies and the fun we have. All the cock we share is exquisite.

My sweet pea is into just me and him. He loves being the center of attention. Granny focusing on him and doing all her naughty things to him. We kiss and touch during our maternal GILF session. I use my strapon as he sits on my lap. He is riding up and down on the big hard rubber cock as I am stroking his dick with my satin panties.

If he is bad, I will have nipple clips on his nipples.

Of course, every once and a while, we are at his place. We love playing in his big barn. He calls it his giant man cave. When we are playing in this place, he may even take over. It is rare but it happens. My sweet pea loves his granny in charge. He likes me to be his strong and sensitive grandma. There to give him the loving he desires. Oh, and love him so much, I am always ready to give him all that he needs.

Today, we are in the barn. He is on my lap as we are having one of our maternal GILF sessions. I am rubbing that rock hard cock with my satin panties as he is riding my strapon. He is turning back to kiss me. The atmosphere is swarming with our sexual tension as we are going at it hot and heavy. I can see in his eyes he is ready to switch with me. He is wanting to take charge but waiting for the okay.

I look into his eyes and say, “Yes.”

In one swift move, sweet pea is off of me, turning me around and bending me over the railing. He is sliding my panting aside and sliding his huge hard cock inside my wet pussy. Of course, he goes at it hard and fast, no hesitation. He is pounding that pussy as if it is the last one on earth. His hand reaches around to squeeze my tit as he is slamming in and out of my gorgeous tight cunt.

Within no time we are close to cumming. I let him know and I can feel the tension in his cock as he is close too. Do you want to be there with us in the barn? Of course, you may just want to be with me in the barn. Call me and let’s have some maternal GILF sessions!

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