Masturbation Lessons and toys

I’ve always been big into masturbation and several years ago I got into a bit of a fix because I was being too loud. I thought I was home alone and had bought myself my first vibrator. I thought it was fairly quiet, but my big brother soon burst through my door asking what that buzzing noise was. Then he saw me, on my back, legs spread and the toy whirring away between my thighs. I gasped and told him to get out. He walked out and I was mortified. Later that night he apologized for not knocking and not to worry about it. After that though, he seemed to be hanging around a bit too much and I saw him jerking off, he hadn’t closed his door all the way, and I think he did that on purpose.


I heard porn noises and went to his door and saw he was watching some brother, sister incest porn. He heard my footsteps outside his door and asked me to come in, he still had his dick in his hand and he told me to close the door. He said he loved masturbation too and would I like to try it together? I was a bit shocked, but it was kind of an exciting idea. He told me to go get my toy and come back in. I left and got it and came back and he was sitting on the edge of the bed naked and stroking his cock and he told me to lay on his bed and use the vibe on myself. I was using it on my cit and he asked me to try and put it inside.

He said he really liked the brother sister incest porn and wanted to do it and would I be interested. I said we could try. He asked if I’d ever inserted the toy and I said no, just used it on my clit. He wanted to know if we could get it to go in, I said let’s try. He got a bottle of lube from his bed side table and put some on the tip of the vibe and I let him try and insert it in my pussy. It was so tight, he couldn’t even get the head of the cock in, but I said he could try and he got it in and then slowly he started to get it. This was a lot more fun that regular masturbation.

His cock was hard as a rock this whole time and he said now that we got the toy in, could he try with his cock? I said ok, so he got on top of me and I let him put it in, it took a bit of patience to get it in, but we did it. I felt very naughty committing incest with my brother, but we did have a good time fucking, that’s for sure. To think our parents were asleep right down the hall, I am a naughty girl, but I will let him fuck me again.

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