I’ve always been enthusiastic about masturbation you could say. I love it

I’ve always been enthusiastic about masturbation you could say. I love it. This Is one of my true sex stories . I was rubbing away on my puss with eyes closed and suddenly felt like I was being watched. Suddenly I opened my eyes ,and I was. It was dad’s pervy friend. He was staying for the weekend and staying in the room across from mine. I thought I’d closed the door, maybe I hadn’t. Maybe he opened it when he saw the crack of light under the door? I did not understand, but my eyes flew open and he knew I’d seen him. He quickly turned around and went back to his room. I continued on with my masturbation, trying to forget about him. Mutual masturbation possibly? I was wondering what was up.

 He liked being teased

I made myself cum and went downstairs to get something to eat and watch a movie. And I then went back to my room and thought I’d be a bit of a naughty girl. I’d see how he liked being teased. I left the door wide open this time and played with my pussy once more. It didn’t take long for him to take the bait and come to see what was going on. I think the creaky bed springs may have clued him in and he was listening for them. I again saw him creeping near my door. So I told him to come in and shut the door behind him.

He Was Practically Drooling

I said you like to watch my masturbation so much, then go ahead and watch. Be aware though that you’re going to do it too. Or I will tell my father how I was spied on. He looked shocked. He did indeed pull out his dick and stroked himself as I continued on playing with my pussy. And He was practically drooling. Watching me as I dipped my fingertips into my wetness and smeared the juices up over my stiffened clit. It was clear that he was very aroused. And he had his gaze riveted to my cunt His breathing was heavy.

He Was Getting Ready To Blow His Load

He had a fairly large prick. There were drops of pre-cum forming at the head he quickly smoothed over his meaty shaft. I spread my legs wider and was working my clit with my middle finger. First in little circles, then up and down. Bucking my hips up and down to meet my hand. Thrusting into myself and making myself more and more excited.  he was getting ready to blow his load he was so turned on. Mutual masturbation with my Dad’s friend was bizarre !

He was pulling on his dick so hard. Jerking it like a madman as he worked himself into an orgasmic frenzy. We were watching one another and getting more and more aroused and closer to cumming. I could feel myself on the brink and sped up my hand motions.

I went over that edge and came, biting my lip to avoid crying out and waking my father. At the sight of me cumming, he shot his load. I knew he’d cum hard from how many spurts of cum there were. He then looked embarrassed at having witnessed my masturbation up close. He pulled out his wallet and left a fifty-dollar bill on my dresser before leaving with a red face. It was bizarre. I can always use money though, and not a word was spoken of it again about our mutual masturbation and he kept away from my door. Gisele Does The Hottest phone sex