I was the family nanny, with a huge crush on the father. Something about the older men with just a touch of the silver temples that brings a shiver to my knees. I figured one night when everyone was gone for the movies and said father was still at work late, that I would sneak into my employers room. I searched through Mrs.Campbells night stand and found her stash of toys. My pick was the thick glass dildo. I always had my share of the younger guys. I wanted Mr.Campbell though. I tried to flirt, I wore sexy things when his wife wasn’t around, but nothing seemed to work. So I would do the next best thing…lay in his bed and masturbated myself with his wife’s toy!

I got myself off in a flash. Holding his pillow near my face so I could smell him is all it took. As I finished, I could hear something and I panicked! I put the toy back and didn’t even bother to wipe it clean. I walked back through the dark hallway to my small room in the back of the house. I had such a rush from potentially being caught. I needed my job and had to make sure I wasn’t caught! I drifted off to sleep with a small smile on my lips.

I thought I was dreaming part way through the night. I could hear Mr.Campbell saying my name in a lullaby way. Something was tracing my lips and now pushing between them. My eyes fluttered open. I saw Mr.Campbell’s face close to mine. I could also smell pussy…what was that? It was the dildo I had used earlier that night! He was rimming my lips with it. SHIT! I was caught. He knew! “Alyson, did you think I wasn’t home earlier when you used my wife’s toy? I was watching you, the entire time. Watching how you masturbated to the smell of my pillow.” I tried to sit up but he pushed me back down into my pillow and shushed me. “No, no. You’re not in trouble. However you will be if you don’t do to me what you did that her toy.”

Of course I would and more. He took the toy and pushed it back in my already wet slit. He masturbated my pussy fast and hard. I could hear him working his belt loose in the dark. Then I felt his warm cock graze my mouth. I opened up willingly and started to suck him off. I licked every inch of him. Balls and all. Once he had enough, he removed the toy from my aching pussy. He swiftly replaced the void with his steel hard on. We fucked passionately like two young teenagers. Only he didn’t cum within the first two pumps. No, he was beyond that stage of his life. If I learned anything, it was older men know how to take their time…



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