When I was younger, I would often babysit to make extra cash. It was an easy job for a young girl like me. I worked for one family that had two young daughters and a teenage boy who didn’t need (but never complained about) a young Latina girl to babysit him.

One night, when two girls were asleep, I sat next to the teenage boy while he played his video game. I knew my presence made him nervous, and I playfully touched his shoulders and teased him. It was pretty harmless, but it actually kind of turned me on. I knew I couldn’t try to fuck him, so I snuck upstairs into their guest bedrooms to masturbate and clear my mind.



I should’ve stayed downstairs, but I didn’t want to babysit, I wanted to rub my clit. That’s what a young horny girl like me does. Before I started, I heard the young boy turn the video game off. I smiled because I knew he was sneaking upstairs to spy on me. He had done this before and I always pretended not to see him. I left the door ajar and pulled down my jeans. My pink panties looked cute wrapped around my soft skin.

I lay on the bed and started to relax, rubbing my chest and stomach to get more aroused. I closed my eyes as I touched between my legs. I would babysit and masturbate often, although this was the first time I left the door open. I kept touching myself and peaked through my eyelids. I could see the boy’s figure behind the crack in the door. It turned me on so much to have him watch me. I decided to give him a good show.

I removed my panties and kept rubbing, doing a clockwise motion around my clitoris. With my other hand, I pressed on my tits and lightly squeezed my nipples. I started to lose myself in the sensation. My hands had mastered my vagina long ago, and I felt myself get wetter. I started to moan lightly as I continued, fantasizing about the young teen boy barging into the room to fuck me. I hoped he was masturbating to me now.

I sucked on my finger pretending it was a cock, and then inserted it into my hot pussy. I used my middle and ring finger to dig deep, pushing my insides the way I liked it most. I spread my legs wide, and removed my finger to suck on them to let him see how wet and pink my pussy looked.

Then I heard the flapping of him jerking it. This turned me on so much I used both hands to finger and rapidly shake my clit. My touch, along with that young teen watching, brought me a full climax.

When I was done, I got up slowly, allowing him time to sneak away. The bed was wet from my pussy. I smiled and went back to “babysit.”

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