How I Masturbate When Alone!

So, as you may know, I love to masturbate a lot! Of course I enjoy a nice big cock or sexy tight pussy often, but there is nothing like touching yourself and just making it feel so good like no one else can! I wanted to share my little secrets about how I masturbate when I’m all alone fucking myself.

I first start by getting completely naked and finding a yummy hot porn to watch. My favorite is girl on girl action. There is something about the way a woman touches another woman that makes my pussy drip. After I’ve search around and watched a few I turn it all off. If I’m watching while I touch myself I cum way to fast.

So I’m now lying back on my bed so ready to masturbate.

I dip my finger into my pussy and feel how wet and slippery it has gotten. Then suck all my juices off that finger. I love the way I taste! Once I’ve done that I start to rub my clit with a vibrating bullet. It has 9 settings on it, but I usually only stick with the first 4. They’re consistent vibrations but get stronger the closer I get to the forth one. I push that onto my clit and get my pussy clenching hard and even more wet.

I slip my 8 inch dildo into my pussy and start to pump gently. This is my favorite part of masturbating! I start to pump myself harder and faster until I’m right on the edge of cumming. As soon as I hit that point, I turn my vibrator all the way up and squirt an orgasm onto my dildo, fingers, and vibrator. Seriously the best feeling ever!

Are you up for some Hot guided masturbation with me tonight?