My husband was out of town for my birthday and felt bad about missing it.  He called me from his hotel room the evening before my birthday to tell me that he arranged a surprise for me.  It was an hour long massage.

“Great!” I exclaimed happily.  “Where?”

“At home.” he replied. “You don’t have to leave the house.  The masseuse is arriving at 10:00 a.m. and will set up in the bedroom.  All you have to do is roll out of bed, jump on the table and enjoy.”

It sounded heavenly to me.  The next morning  at 10:00 a.m. sharp, I answered the door.  It was a tall, blonde, muscular and very good looking young man at the door, holding a bag and a portable table.  I blinked in surprise.

“Good morning and happy birthday, Mrs. Davenport.  I’m Aaron.  You’re masseur.”

“I was told a masseuse was coming.  I expected a woman.”  I said.

“Oh!” he said, “If it’s a problem, I can leave…” he started.

“No, no, no!” I laughed.  “It’s most definitely NOT a problem.” I opened the door for him and showed him into my spacious bedroom.  I was completely naked except for a white silky bathrobe and I sat on my bed and watched as Aaron set up.

When he had it all set up, he took my hand and led me to the table.  I stripped off the bathrobe and climbed onto the table knowing he must have really been enjoying seeing me in those angles.  I got comfortable on my stomach and closed my eyes.  He used warm oil on my body as he slid his strong hands up and down my legs, from ankle to thigh.  He started on my lower back and massaged upwards with firm caresses up to my shoulders.

Aaron’s hands slid down from my low back to my ass cheeks.  He rubbed them in slow circles and began to squeeze and push them together.  I smiled as I heard his breathing become more heavy and he even released a quiet sort of growl.  He slid his hand boldly into the crevice of my ass and I felt his fingers start to probe and slide down until they found my wet pussy hole.  I raised my hips off the table to give him more access to my tight cave.  He fingered me, sliding in and out, turning his hand side to side and hooking his digits deep inside of me.

I orgasmed suddenly and forcefully.  Aaron waited until it subsided almost completely before he climbed on the table with me, pressing his chest on my back and holding my hips as he pushed his hard and thick cock into my still pulsating pussy.  He cried out as he fucked me hard.  I loved how his dick felt inside me as I lay flat on my stomach and as he pumped faster, I  pressed my thighs together, squeezing his cock inside me.  He collapsed heavily on my back as he flooded me with his semen and I was mildly surprised and delighted when only after a minute of rest, Aaron started up again, as hard and ready as before.

That evening, my husband called to ask how I enjoyed my birthday.  “It was the BEST day ever.” I said, smiling as I recalled the massage “therapy”.

“I hope the massage went well.  My new intern, Aaron, assured me that he chose a very reputable and professional massage company.  Did he choose well?”

I had to suppress my laughter.  I recalled the semi-nude framed photo of me that sits on my husband’s desk at the office.  Aaron must have jumped at this rare opportunity to fuck his boss’s wife.  What a wily bastard he is. “Yes, honey.  Tell Aaron that he did a great job arranging that massage for me.  And maybe you should include a very nice bonus for him as well.”

Let’s have our own happy ending together. 

Mutual masturbation with Steamy Sabrina is as HOT as it gets!


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