A Happy Ending to My Hour Long “Special Massage”

Have you ever gone to get a massage, and not realized what the hell you were in for? Some of my friends had this idea to send me to a place that they heard of with a special massage – one with a happy ending!  I go in tell the woman at the front that I am here for the hour long special massage, and she just smiles. She takes me to the back into this room, and begins to explain that Tim will be doing the massage. She instructs me to take off all my clothes, lay down on the table, and place the sheet over me. Tim will be in soon.

Just as I put the sheet over me, music starts to play, and this GOD of a man walks in. Oh my, he is fucking gorgeous! Perfectly built body; six pack, velvet skin, the perfect tone. He was the picture of caramel  topping with dark hair, amazing green eyes. I became aroused as soon as he touched me. My nipples had a mind of their own, standing up hard as he sent chills down my spine with his touch. Tim slowly worked on my neck and head making sure every kink was out and that I was fully relaxed.

THAT was becoming impossible, the more he touched me the more I wanted to fuck him!

My nipples were standing at attention begging for him to touch them. I was so fucking horny and wet for him and all he massaged so far was my head! Oh shit, this is going to be hard! Tim told me to roll over onto my stomach, he began to work on my upper back and shoulders, gently rubbing all the tension out of every part. He then applied this oil that sent my senses into overdrive; and, as he moved down to my lower back, he asked me If I was sure I wanted the special massage. I had NO idea this meant a happy ending!

I want HIM, fuck this massage! But I said yes that is what I want. Tim moved his hands onto my ass and began to work my ass cheeks like they were his personal balls. The next thing I felt was his fingers inside my ass – OH MY GOD, he has his fingers in my ass! It feels amazing, and I want more. I want his cock in me! I want to suck his cock! He has me ALL twisted!

If you want to know what happened next, call me I will give you all the “juicy” details of my happy ending!

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