I find it thrilling corrupting the married Mormon men from my old life. They are being hypocrites living a fake pious life. When I wag my sexy young ass, they are more than happy to be my married fuck buddy.

The one I am doing right now is controlling me as much as possible. Of course, the Mormon wives bow down to their husbands, so they expect all women to do that.

Perhaps that is why I am so happy being submissive to the men in my life. I have my daddy dom that is my dominant. He keeps a dungeon in his basement for our fun.

Of course, my married fuck buddy and have limits on our fucking spots since we are having an affair.

And, I am a college student with a roomie. Sure, I can share him but that isn’t what he wants. He likes fucking me because I was a Mormon girl. Now, not so much but somehow that makes it right for him.

Too bad he is stuck in that religious world and can’t be himself.  So, he does his best to cut loose with me. And, he has such a nice big cock, I love fucking him. Luckily, my married fuck buddy is a freak like me.

More than anything, I love corrupting him. I know it is naughty but it is making my tight young pussy tingle. His favorite thing is telling me what to do once we are together. The way he just looks at my sexy body just is mind-blowing! My sexy tight young body just making him tingle just as much as me!

From getting down on my knees to how to suck his cock.

He loves giving me commands. Of course, as a sexy submissive coed, I happily oblige his demands and orders. I love bowing down to dominants. Men, women, I love them all. Of course, the married fuck buddy is always a Mormon.

As a matter of fact, I feel the same about my callers. They love my fetish phone sex. Getting them off is always a priority. In fact, my pleasure always comes after my dominants.

Some of them enjoy having me climax for them or with them. Everyone is different in their preferences. Of course, I am not complaining if my doms want me to cum with them.

I actually love getting to cum with my married fuck buddy.

Anything I can do to add to his depravity is a win for me. I love the look of guilt on his face after he cums inside my pussy. It is so exciting being the one making him feel that guilt.

Perhaps, with them, I am less submissive. Actually, I know it is the case with this playmate. He rubs me the wrong way when it comes to my past. So, making his life somewhat uncomfortable is too fun.

How crazy is it that? My married fuck buddy finding pleasure in my pussy and then it brings him discomfort after. What a fabulous and powerful feeling over this man. Perhaps it has to do with my past and letting go of some of that history.

I don’t feel that way for others separate from the Mormons. It is business as usual bowing down to others. That means, if you call me to play, I will be your little sub doll baby. Ready to play