I don’t do Financial Domination in typical ways.  It’s not about demanding the money that gets me hot and it has never been. After all, I am not usually very domineering.  Instead, my approach is more manipulative.  No, I like making you feel like you have to give me that cold hard cash.  Not because I tell you, but because I know how to make you tick.

Financial domination is the only true way to live.

Tip your phone sex Goddess!

Findommes don’t have to all have that powerful and commanding quality.  For me, I want to get under your skin and live there. I want you to feel bad if you do not open your wallet to me.  I like to know that I am so important you will bring out that credit card immediately by the sound of my voice.

Let me paint you a picture of my brand of financial domination. You call me wanting my time and I will give you a fraction of it if you agree to tip.  I will let you know that I want that cash and if I do not get what I want I will be sad.  You don’t want me to be sad, do you?  I will suggest you call me on certain days for a session and you very well should.  After all,  you should only care about bringing me joy.

Want to show me you’re devoted, Pay Pig? Call Now!

If you don’t have time to talk, you should do a call and let the tab run up while I do nothing but pamper myself and ignore you anyways.  I get that you may be at work, but you can leave that line open for me awhile, can’t you?  Or even better! Set up a long call and only use a bit of it.  Let me just have the rest of that time block.  After all, nothing would make me happier than sending you an email telling you about your remaining credits and you telling me just to keep them because I deserve everything.

Findommes like me don’t want to waste our time to remind you of your place.  We want more from you.  I want your complete admiration and heart.  I want you to empty your pockets only to make me happy knowing you get nothing in return.  So I want you around my little finger.


See, I don’t just want your money, I want you so devoted to me that it destroys you.

You want to tip me just because I am lovely and seductive.  You need to buy my panties because it is the best way to get near me. I want you to only worry about how I feel.  After all, my feelings are what should matter most to you.

I want to play mind games with you, cash cow.  I want to run up your tab for emailing me and not using punctuation. Want to destroy your bank account through your heart and emotions.  See, I don’t just want your money, I want you so devoted to me that it destroys you.  I want you addicted to my voice so you cannot go too long without paying me just to hear me speak. I want you in the palm of my damned hands and nothing less will suffice.  If I tell you to call me a half-hour on Monday mornings just to pay your due, it will feel like common sense for you.  But most importantly, if I tell you that I am having a bad day you will know to call me, tip me well, and make this day the best damned day.

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke