Mama Magnolia Mystery

Growing up I had the greatest  childhood. I lived next door to my best friend and our families were the best of friends. We did swim lessons, had joint barque’s, and our Mom’s played bingo while our Dad’s watched the game together. It was perfect. The Summer I turned eighteen proved to be no different until we learned of Mama and the Magnolia Mystery!

Our families were so close they even had kids all the same age, I, like my best friend Amber, was the baby of the family. While all of our older siblings were away on vacation, married or in college; we were just about to spread our wings come Fall, when we embarked on our college journey together.

One morning, after a wild night out, we woke up to wicked hangovers and an empty house. We stumbled downstairs, in a trance, make up from last night still on, in search of Advil and Amber’s Mom to cook us breakfast.

“Mom!” Amber yelled once we reached the kitchen. Nothing.

“MOOOMMMM.” We were met with more silence.

“I don’t know, it’s very odd. My Mom keeps slipping away for hours and no one can find her. She won’t answer her cell phone and she comes home in these crazy outfits that expose her big titties. It’s totally weird and even weirder when I ask her about it. She always tells me she’s been down by the Magnolia’s for some ‘quiet time’. Says she hasn’t had any alone time in years and she loves to read, tan, and just be alone back there. Total fucking mystery if you ask me.” Amber replied.

We were both perplexed.

“This is so weird. She’s literally is never here anymore. I mean, what could a stay at home with adult kids possibly be doing?” Amber wondered aloud.

“Dad’s been on business for three weeks, but I mean, she still has to feed me, the dog, and the cat.” She continued.

All of a sudden as if light-bulbs had gone off in our minds at the same time, we met each other’s stare and said “The Magnolias.”

We grabbed our flip flops and snuck across their beautifully, landscaped property, down to the Magnolias.

Moaning is all we could hear when we finally got down there. We crept behind bushes and trees until we spotted the source. Amber’s Mom and a Mystery Man underneath a Magnolia. As if we were watching a train wreck we could not pull our eyes away. This Mystery Man was built straight from the Heavens covered in muscles and tan skin. We watched as he fucked Amber’s Mom into pure oblivion. Thrusting as they stood and held onto the trunk of an old Magnolia for support. We both looked at each in pure disbelieve. It was the most erotic thing that I started to get wet and started to get into it. Watching his tight ass as he pounded Amber’s Mom harder and harder, faster and faster. Amber looked at me and whispered “looks like we solved the Mama Magnolia Mystery.”