Maleficent Was A Lesbian Who Craved Young Cunt Pt. 2

Before you delve in, catch up on Cunt Part 1:

The entire kingdom was celebrating the birth of baby Aurora. Kings and Queens from across the land traveled from near and far to celebrate her christening. Even the fairy’s of the world came to bless the precious baby of King Stefan and Queen Leah. Lively music and jovial laughter filled the castle as the guest awaited the Blessing ceremony. There was one guest, however, that no one was prepared to see on that fateful evening.

As the most powerful and respected fairy’s began to bestow their blessings and beautiful spells upon baby Aurora, a darkness overtook the gathering hall. The cold sharp air pierced the gowns of the ladies, making their nipples hard. The roaring sound of Maleficent’s arrival made every cock in attendance erect with fear. Maleficent was a stunning site to see. Cloaked in black from head to toe. Her body fit perfectly inside of the leather cat suit, black thigh-high leather boots and the perfectly crafted head adornment that reflected the regal ram and the symbol of her birth sign.

She forced everyone in attendance to their knees with a flick of her wrist. After a light chuckle and a brief scan of the room, the sexy seductress finally spoke:

“Did you both really think you were going to get away with this? Going on with your lives as if you’d never broken my heart into little pieces? And now you have precious baby girl to remind the world of your cruel joke on me?”

Stefan rose to his feet, as Leah sat in sheer terror. Stefan spoke:

“Maleficent, you are not welcome here! Leave my castle at once!

Maleficent threw her head back in roaring laughter. Her green eyes gleaned as she spoke,

“I am not welcome in your Castle? FUCK YOU STEFAN! My powers are just as powerful as these other fucktards you call fairies! I too shall bestow a gift  on…precious…baby…Aurora.”

And with that, Maleficent summoned the entire force of her power and put forth her curse on the innocent child:

“Listen well all of you! The princess shall indeed grow with grace and beauty. Loved by all who meet her. But BEFORE THE SUN SETS ON HER 16th BIRTHDAY SHE WILL FALL DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH ME AND BECOME MY SEX SLAVE FOREVER!”

Queen Leah fell to her knees screaming, “No! NO!” Laughing, Maleficent looked at her weeping ex-lover and said, “Eat it bitch! I can’t wait to have your daughter for breakfast, lunch and dinner! And as for you baby Aurora, I’ll see you in sixteen years you cunt.”


Aurora grew to be the most beautiful girl in the land. Her long blonde hair and piercing baby blue eyes sat against her porcelain skin made her beyond stunning. She was the apple of her parents eyes and they put forth every effort to keep her safe from Maleficent’s cunning spell. When Aurora’s 16th birthday came around Queen Leah and King Stefan made sure to that she was locked in her room and that the room was heavily guarded. They wanted to make sure that Maleficent’s spell would never come true. If they could just keep her locked away in her room for the entirety of her 16th birthday, she would never become Maleficent’s life long sex slave.

Unfortunately, one of the guards forgot to lock one of the side windows in Aurora’s room. Aurora didn’t know that it was the spell that was making her hear Maleficent’s voice. The faint voice was calling for her,

“Come to me Aurora. You belong with me. Come to me sweet child.”

With those words locked in her head Aurora jumped from her bedroom window and fled quickly away from the guarded castle.

The voice led her straight to Maleficent’s house. When Aurora opened the door, there was Maleficent waiting, naked in bed for her. Her legs were open wide and the smell of her sweet wicked pussy entranced young Aurora. Maleficent told her to take off her clothes and crawl into bed.

“Now we will do as me and your mother once did.”

Maleficent took Aurora’s sweet little head and pushed it down into her pussy. Aurora enjoyed licking Maleficent’s juicy clit. She loved fucking her with her tongue. Maleficent equally enjoyed deflowering young Aurora’s sweet, juicy cunt. Her young pussy reminded her so much of Leah at that age but it was much more sweeter. Aurora’s pussy was the sweet taste of revenge on Maleficent’s lips. Maleficent and Aurora’s moans could be heard around the land.

King Stefan and Queen Leah, knew immediately that their daughter had become Maleficent’s sex slave just as the curse had dictated. They also knew that there was nothing they could do about it. Their ears bled every time they heard their young daughter’s sexual moans throughout the day and night. They never saw young Aurora again.

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