Maleficent Was A Lesbian Who Craved Young Cunt Pt. 1

People have the story of Maleficent, the Mistress of Evil, all wrong. The real story and drama behind the fairy tale that we’ve all grown to love is one that Disney could only dream of telling. Here’s why Maleficent REALLY had a problem with young Princess Aurora, A.K.A Sleeping Beauty.

Maleficent and Aurora’s mother, Leah, were long time lovers. Everyone in the kingdom knew that Maleficent and Leah were inseparable. Their love making sessions would keep the entire kingdom up at night. Maleficent knew how to lick and suck Leah’s sweet young cunt just right. Their screams of passion and moaning filled the late night air and made many men crave the same pleasures found in between Maleficent and Leah’s sexy legs.

The Prince of the village, Stefan, had heard about the lively love making sessions between the young  Maleficent and Leah. He was determined to be apart of the steamy love affair. One night, when his wouldn’t stop throbbing, he and his men set out on an adventure to find the house where the lesbians made love all night. It didn’t take long to find because of the sexual sounds coming from the windows of Maleficent and Leah’s house. When Prince Stefan peaked through the window his cock immediately came hard and his mouth dropped from the surprise.

There, right before his eyes, were the hot girls in a 6/9. They were licking and finger fucking each others wet pussy’s. He wanted in on the action. Since he was the prince he had the right to enter into anyone’s home without permission. So he bust the door open and pulled his large cock out. He intended on fucking both of the enchanting women but, Maleficent didn’t want him to put a finger on her. Leah, on the other hand, happily let Prince Stefan fuck her young pussy. Leah’s pussy was so tight and felt so gooey and warm that Prince Stefan had to cum inside of it.

It was on that night that Maleficent watched the love of her life get impregnated by Prince Stefan. Shortly after that night, Prince Stefan and Leah became married. And shortly after that Prince Stefan became King Stefan after the death of his father. Of course Maleficent was livid at how things had turned out. Not only had she lost her hot sex partner and best friend but, she was forced to watch them rule the kingdom and start a family while she stayed all alone. She decided that something needed to be done. She knew it was time to break out her black magic book. And she had her sights set on the unborn child of her arch enemies.

Maleficent could taste the sweet revenge on her lips as she devised a spell that would give her the ultimate victory…To be continued so have some of your own young cunt with Teen Phone Sex while you wait…