Who knew I’d find this story of making love with my roommate in my inbox?

I sighed and checked the time, it was time to go home. Then, I stood up, my fingertips brushing the edge of my huge mahogany desk as I walked over to the glass cabinet. Finally, I poured myself a gulp of whiskey, emptying it down my throat as I exhaled forcefully and thought about making love with my roommate.

The day had gone pretty well, sales had tripled and we had pulled in a staggering amount of money. But I was exhausted, I had hardly seen my roommate over the past five days. I wanted to go home, I just needed to see Olivia. I wanted to be making love with my roommate.

“Hey baby”, my phone buzzed, it was my roommate. “Yes…I’m on my way”, she had called to know if I was coming home. Finally, I picked my car keys and left the office, it was time to go home.

Then, I hummed a tune in my head as I drove, going along with Wizkid’s ‘Fever’ that blew softly from the car speakers. The night traffic was unusually heavy, and I found myself honking at the other cars frequently. I got home around 8 pm, bringing my car to rest in front of the mansion.

“Hey baby, I missed you”, Olivia met me at the door, her arms going around my neck as she hugged me tightly.

I wondered to myself if she was thinking about the same thing I was. All the thoughts racing through my mind was about making love with my roommate. I could tell that she had especially missed me, the way her eyes explored me as if I was going to leave again. She was wearing my favorite black lacey thigh highs of hers.

“I missed you too”, I leaned closer and kissed her, a soft moan escaping her lips as she settled into it. She kissed me back, matching her energy with mine as I pulled her closer. I probed at her lower lip with my tongue, seeking entrance as my hands explored her body. She opened up to me, my tongue diving into her mouth as she moaned again. I twirled my tongue with hers, our mouths going back and forth in the most sumptuous of French kisses.

“Let’s go upstairs”, she broke away from the kiss and spoke, her eyes were so filled with desire.
“Alright”, I held her hand and walked, both of us bounding up the stairs quickly.
She had barely closed the bedroom door behind us when I kissed her again, bringing my lips down on hers with all the passion in me. She shoved me to the bed as I chuckled, the sheets rustling under us as she got on top of me. I was finally making love with my roommate.

She sank her hands into my clothes as the kiss intensified. Her fingers worked rapidly, my tie and shirt going off first, then my belt following.

I let out a low groan as she kissed down to my neck, wave after wave of pleasure washing over me as she unzipped my pants. She slid my pants off, her slender fingers caressing my bulge through the underwear.

I moaned softly, my fingers digging into the sheets around me as she grabbed my rock hard cock, her hand tucking underneath the elastic band of my underwear to stroke my inches. She slid off my underwear too, her warm breath settling on my cock as I tingled with pleasure.

“Hmm…fuck!”, I moaned out loud as she rolled her tongue around the tip of my cock, her slender fingers stroking too. I gasped as she dived in, all my inches disappearing into her mouth as my tip hit the back of her throat.

She rolled her tongue all over my cock, coating me with saliva as her fingers fondled my balls.

And, she was slow and steady at first, building a rhythm as she sucked my inches. I was moaning, my body moving to her erotic tunes as she slurped on me.

Then, she broke away from me, giving me a little strip tease as she took off her clothes.  She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and her body was perfect. Finally, she got on top of me, the heat from her pussy settling on my cock as she kissed me again. And she was wet with desire, her juices trickling down her thighs as her erect nipples brushed my chest.

“Fuck!”, she moaned out loud as she grabbed my cock, lifting herself and descending on it slowly. First, I went into her with one full long-stroke, filling her up and stretching her out completely. Then, I grabbed her waist, my fingers brushing the underside of her boobs as she rotated her hips on me.

I pushed up myself, my tongue twirling around her nipples as she rode me gently.

Then, we moaned in unison as we made love, the passion, and desire of consuming both of us as we fucked. I fucking love making love with my roommate

Next, she pushed me back to the bed, her hands sinking into the soft skin of my chest as she bounced her big ass on my meat. Finally, I grabbed her ass, setting it up in a place as I slammed my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. She was moaning really loud now. Her tits swayed from left to right as our sounds of ecstasy resonated around the place. We were going at each other now, our wet bodies clashing as we rode ourselves closer and closer towards the edge.

“Oh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”, she moaned continuously, the pleasure vibrating through her as she squirts her juices everywhere. And, I kept going, my orgasm coming moments later, my muscles flexing as I emptied my seed into her.

Then, she cuddled up next to me as I slipped my limp cock out of her.  Her warm body felt great nestling close to mine.

“Are you hungry?”, she asked gently.

“I am, but let’s just stay this way for a while”, I replied as I kissed her forehead. I never knew when I moved in that making love with my roommate was going to be on the menu.

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