Our bodies are warm pressed together and I can feel his breath on my neck.

My body is completely submissive to his as he thrusts himself in and out of me. We always had the best steamy hot sex! Feeling myself getting wetter only made me even hornier. Everything is beautiful and I could hear the sounds of the birds chirping outside my window. The warm morning sun beamed through the window and I could feel the warmth on my skin as he thrust himself deep inside of me.  Nothing else mattered at that moment. He reached his hand up to my throat as he gently choked me harder and harder. My moans got louder and louder as we were making love passionately. He flipped me on my back and suddenly, I shifted in my bed and woke up.

I looked beside me and there he was, sound asleep.

I can’t help these naughty dreams I have of him, I crave him. Then, I reached down and felt the outside of my panties, they were soaking wet. God, I was so horny! I turned over and slipped my hands into his boxers and slowly rubbed his warm soft cock. It didn’t take long for it to stand straight up. As he was waking up he mumbled the words “Good morning baby”. I stroked him a little faster as I sucked on the tip of his cock. Next, I licked his cock down to his balls and started sucking on them as I stroked his rock hard cock.

Before he knew it, I slipped his cock into my throat and sucked him nice and fast with a tight grip on his cock with my lips. Then, He grabbed my legs and made me bring my pussy to his lips. As we’re feasting on each other, I feel his cock twitch and he shot a fat load in my throat.

I love feeling cum drip down my throat like that!

His tongue continued to lick and flick my horny pussy until I finally came in his mouth. He cleaned me up and immediately, he flipped me over and started licking my ass and fingering my pussy. My ass was in the air and my face in the pillow. Next, I felt him rub his cock on my pussy and came a little bit more. As he pushed himself inside of me, he grabbed me by my hips and slammed himself into me. As a result, I wrapped my legs around him and gripped the sheets nice and tight. His cock felt so amazing inside of me, I couldn’t get enough!

Next, he rolled me onto my side without letting himself leave my body. He held me next to him as we were making love passionately. He thrust his yummy cock inside my horny pussy and his hand wrapped around my throat again and slowly tightened. I was so vulnerable to him. Our bodies were so close together we could have been melting into each other. Then, we came together and as he pulled his cock out I could feel the cum leaking out of me. Finally, all of that warm sticky cum just dripping out felt so amazing.

We have always been good at making love passionately!

Then, as I was laying on my back, trying to catch my breath from that amazing orgasm, he got right back between my legs. He leaned over my face and planted the most passionate kiss he could right onto my lips. Next, he kissed my neck and trailed his way down my chest. His tongue circled my nipples and he continued down my stomach very softly, his tongue gave my body the chills and it turned me on!  His lips softly kissed the lips of my wet pussy. Finally, he rubbed his tongue on my clit and I let out a little moan.

He licked up the rest of all that cum and started rubbing his cock on my pussy again. Then, he shoved himself inside of me and held me tight. We tasted each other’s tongues as we enjoyed each other’s bodies. Our bodies were moving in sync working together to please each other so perfectly. He held me close to him and I could feel his heartbeat. I love everything about this man. Then, our bodies get tense as were making love passionately. Finally, we cum together and he kisses me again and whispers, ” I love you.”.

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