After hours with the lights off.

Everyone had already left the office as I was packing up. The lights were off and I figured I was the last one here until I heard a computer shutting off. I jumped a little and looked around, I saw my boss packing up too. I’ve always imagined having steamy hot sex with my boss, he was just so damn handsome! Then, as I was admiring him, he looked up and our eyes locked. He smiled and waved me over and I let myself into his office.

“I didn’t realize you were staying so late tonight Brooke.” He smiled and looked at me with his dashing eyes.

“I was actually just heading out.” I smiled back at him.

“Well, since I have you here, I wanted to tell you I’m giving you a promotion, I want you to be my assistant manager. I see how hard you work around here.” He got closer to me and put his hands on my waist, just above my butt. He pulled me in closer and my eyes were locked in his. “What do you say?” He smiled again. I nodded and began kissing him. I couldn’t help myself, his breath on my skin felt so sexual, my body was drawn to him.

He started kissing on my neck as he unbuttoned my white blouse revealing my black lacey bra. Next, his lips traced my breasts as he unbuttoned my bra. He laid me on his desk and pulled off my tight black skirt along with my black lacey thong. As he spread my legs open and began licking my clit, he started off slow and slowly started speeding up more and more. My moans filled the entire building as he tongue fucked my pussy.

After I came, he put me on my knees in front of his cock.

I already knew what to do. He put his hands on the sides of my head as I lifted the shaft of his cock to my mouth. First, I lightly sucked on the tip and swirled my tongue on the tip of his cock. Then, I started sucking on his big cum filled balls and massaged them with my mouth. Sucking and licking them all over. Finally, I lick his balls up the shaft of his cock and shove it down my throat with my lips pressed nice and tight around his cock.

As I pumped it in and out of my throat, moans of pleasure escaped his lips. I went faster and he moaned louder. Finally, he blew his thick creamy load in the back of my throat. I swallowed his yummy cum and he flipped me over his desk. I could feel him rubbing his cock on my clit right before he stuck the whole thing inside of me. Immediately, I gasped and let out a nice moan. He pounded his big meaty cock deep inside me while going nice and fast. I’m finally having steamy hot sex with my boss!

Suddenly, his wife Kelly came bursting into his office. I had no idea what to do, she hadn’t taken one look at me. She stared at her husband with anger. “You weren’t supposed to fuck her without me!!!” She yelled. Immediately he went over to her and she slapped him and then passionately started kissing him. Before I knew it, she was naked too.

Steamy hot sex with my boss just got so much more fun!!

Kelly was in between my legs eating my wet pussy as my boss fucked her in the ass. Then, she came so hard, her cum dripped all over the black carpets. My boss made us get on our knees and beg him for his cum and we did what we were told. I wanted his thick creamy cum all over my face! We begged and licked his cock as he stroked it right in front of our faces. Finally, I could see it pulsing. He exploded all over us!

I took a look at Kelly’s cum covered face and we started kissing and tasting the cum off each other as he watched. She tasted so good. I was beginning to think the night was coming to an end until Kelly pulled out a box of toys. I need to have steamy hot sex with my boss and his wife more often!!


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