Make-up Sex With My Big Brother

Last week I seduced my brother’s would-be new girlfriend and made sure he walked in on it and caught us. So this week I decided I needed to give him some hot make-up sex to make peace! He’s been really grouchy since he caught me with my face between her legs. Luckily, I know him inside and out. I know just how to play things so that he’s not mad at ME anymore. After all, I’m his sister and the best fuck he’s ever had – he can’t stay mad at me forever!

When he made it home from work last night,  I was in his room, waiting for him. I pulled silk scarves over all the lamps in the room, dimming the light. Then I lit tons of tea light candles and put them all around the room, especially around the bed. When he walked in I was stretched out across his bed, wearing nothing but black lace panties and bra, along with a garter belt and black stockings. I looked up at him with that “I want to devour your dick 5 minutes ago!” stare, and I could see that he WANTED to still be mad, but at the same time, this offer of hot, “I’ll do anything to keep you from being mad at me anymore” make-up sex was more than he could refuse!

I’m his sister, but he loves it when I give him the girlfriend experience treatment!

He immediately stripped out of his clothes, hard cock springing out in front of him as he dropped his boxers. He looked at me expectantly, then at the floor. Playing the pentinent brat, I looked appropriately sorry (I wasn’t!) and eager (I was!) as I fell down to my knees in front of him, one hand locking around that hard rod as I made direct eye contact with him. Staring into those big, sexy baby blues with my own, tongue slipping out of my mouth to trace lovingly over that big swollen cock head as he watched me.

I could feel his whole body stiffen and his eyes closed briefly as my warm, wet mouth slipped over the head and took every inch of him all in the first thrust. He loved that his dirty ‘lil sis could take all 8 1/2 inches of his hard dick in one swallow. No other girl could duplicate the way I do it, and he’s so addicted to my deep throating now that nothing else truly satisfies that perfect cock!

I was going to take my time with him. Use my body to tease him for HOURS. After all, this  was supposed to be make-up sex, right? I planned on spending the entire night making it up to him. Over, and over, and over again! =)

I’ll bet you’d like to be my brother right about now! Call me up, big brother, and I’ll give YOU an idea of what hot make-up sex with your slutty ‘lil sis is like!

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