Sometimes, I am in the mood to feel every bit of your body as I make sweet love to you. I would love to put on something nice, go to a lovely little dinner, and come home to passionate sex.

The Dinner And The Dress

I would wear my nicest little outfit for you. A beautiful little cocktail dress, hanging just below the thigh with my little pearl necklace you bought me so long ago. I notice your eyes sometimes wander to my breast while were talking, but I know it is meant out of love for my appearance. Your hands often find their way to my thighs, sliding up my dress slightly as the goosebumps start to settle in.

My smooth legs have always turned you on. My long curvy body swayed with every note in the music when we used to dance. And of course, My long hair getting in my face at the beach. The way I smile at you when you tell me a joke. I know these are some of the reasons you fell in love with me. Tonight is about us.

Make Sweet Love To Me

I get close to you. Close enough you feel my hot breath against your neck while we hold each other. Your hands, again making their way down to those thighs and my soft ass. I can feel you push against me, and I can tell that you are hard. While unbuckling your pants, my tongue finds its way into your mouth as our lips push together as a representation of our love. I pull your cock out, stroking it as I whisper into your ear, “make sweet love to me, my dear.”

You pick me up as we kiss each other, as you carry me to the bed and lower me onto my back. While hunched over me, your hands slip down and slide your cock inside me. I can feel you throbbing as you enter my tight little pussy. I’m all yours baby. When we make sweet love I want you to look into my eyes with every thrust of your hard cock. In fact, fuck me harder baby.

Be Gentle With This Body Tonight, Baby

Your hands caress my body as we have sensual sex after a long night out together. That cock is throbbing inside me, making me forget all the worries in the world as you get closer and closer to cuming inside me. I want you to put a baby in me tonight. To feel you knock me up while we make eye contact. And then to hear “I love you” as you do it all to me.

Knock Me Up, My Love

My hands grip the bed as I moan for you. I’m all your baby, and I am ready for us to do this all night if we have to. I’m ready for you to put a baby in me. To feel that cum hit the deepest parts of my pussy and know it’s you. Just like I feel you twitch and throb. You moan out for me and I know it’s done.

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