I am so glad I finally made a new friend. Just moving can be lonely, but now I have Kyle. We really just clicked. It didn’t take long into our friendship before we were flirting and staying up late at night just to chat with each other. He makes me laugh, and when I see his sexy body, I can’t help but melt like butter. Never thought he would be my first passionate virgin sex experience.

New To This

I haven’t had sex before him. Well, I have seen a hard cock, and given a sturdy handjob, but outside of that, I didn’t know what else. But with Kyle around, it’s like I could picture fucking without the experience.

He invited me to his pool one day, and of course, I said yes. I thought this would give me a chance to change my appearance. Getting rid of the t-shirt, and jeans combo and putting on a sexy little bikini could change everything. I think he really enjoyed that outfit. If I was going to have my first passionate virgin sex, I at least knew it wouldn’t happen in torn jeans. Shortly after getting in the cold water, he grabbed at my waist and pulled me into his lips. I could taste his tongue in my mouth and my waist auto pushed up against his swim trunks.

Craving Cock And Shedding Some Innocence

I could feel that cock of his that my body craved. He gently pulled on the flimsy rope holding my swimwear together, and it gave way as he kissed my boobs. It felt so cold from the water, yet hot from his mouth at the same time. I could feel my nipple harden. This was all a bit strange to me, but I enjoyed every bit of it. When I would fantasize about passionate virgin sex, this is honestly better than what I made up, and this is just the foreplay. I was still taking in the feel of him sucking my titties when I felt his hand move down and pushed my thighs apart. Water rushed against my pussy as I jerked backward. He went on to part my pussy lip with his fingers and moved up and down my clits.

I didn’t know my hips naturally moved that that! I’m just looking into his eyes, with my breath bouncing off his lips with my legs spread. My hands don’t know what to do, but one hand does find itself sliding downward. I couldn’t help but want to feel its stiffness again. My other hand still slid around to the back of his head, not allowing him to move even an inch away.

The Passionate Virgin Sex I Deserve

He leaned into me more, and I found myself being pushed through the water across the pool until my back was met with siding. His arms took no effort to lift me up in the water as he wrapped my thighs around him. That’s when I felt that same stiffness I was obsessed with earlier. Except this time, out of those swim trunks.

He could sense my anticipation and finally let that firm cock head slid my bikini to the side and fulfill my craving. I could feel it, sliding in and out yet throbbing at the same time. I never expected it to stretch me slightly, in a way that stings a little. However, the tiny bit of pain is completely masked with pleasure. I felt like water going in and coming out of me alongside his cock.

Cuming Out Of My Virginity

I held on to him tightly as he went on faster and faster until I felt my leg weakening, and like an explosion, I burst out. A loud moan blared out at him, which he muted with his lips on mine – like he was absorbing my lustful groans. My pussy got tighter than I have ever felt, and my legs twitched around his waist. The tensing on his cock was his last straw too, and I was able to absorb his passionate groan as well as he came inside my literally wet little pussy.

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